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Newest Hoopr Original: Yeh Chahiye by Rishabh Panchal

Hoopr Original Yeh Chahiye song artwork

The perfect chill banger is here with the release of the latest Hoopr original ‘Yeh Chahiye’ by Rishabh Panchal! Yeh Chahiye is an upbeat, quirky track that is sure to get stuck in your head and get you grooving. Get ready to soundtrack all your summer montage moments with this funky song.

Rishabh Panchal is not only the singer and songwriter of this awesome track but also the winner of Hoopr’s contest IP called “Sing To Sync”. With a combination of quirky, relatable lyrics and soulful, confident vocals, it’s no surprise that Rishabh was able to emerge victorious. Rishabh is a musician born and raised in Mumbai. He began his musical journey at the young age of 7 but only pursued formal Indian Classical training at the age of 16. Having already released two independent singles, Rishabh was intrigued and convinced by a friend of his to participate in the first iteration of Sing To Sync. After being hesitant for a while, he managed to write Yeh Chahiye in the short span of one day! And thus began the exciting journey of the Yeh Chahiye!

What is Sing To Sync?

Hoopr’s Sing To Sync contest allowed independent artists everywhere to explore their talents with songwriting and gave them an opportunity to hone that skill whilst also giving them prizes and contracts that helped further their careers. Not only did the winner of the contest stand a chance to win a cash prize but also the opportunity to get an original music video! Rishabh’s win was inevitable with the relatability of his sentiment and the selection of the chill and groovy backing track.

Here’s what Rishabh had to say about his victory, Yeh Chahiye is an emotion that will resonate with everyone on every level and Hoopr is the platform who understood my vision”. 

After his win, Rishabh received a cash prize but also the opportunity for his song to get professionally produced as well as the creation of a music video! As far as the judges of Sing To Sync – Gaurav Dagaonkar, Aditya Pushkarna and Ash KIng, along with the creative team at Hoopr were concerned, Yeh Chahiye was meant to be a hit. 

Rishabh was grateful to have found a platform like Hoopr that promotes independent artists and gives opportunities to people who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to showcase their talent, he said, “If a platform allows you to be what you want to be and do what you want to do as an artist, then that’s a jackpot you rarely hit in your life”.

After the winning Sing To Sync, Rishabh worked with our production team to have his Hoopr Original produced and mixed. He also travelled with the Hoopr team to Goa to shoot his very own and very first music video! The storytelling of the song is so relatable and the video showcases that perfectly. 

Hoopr Original: Yeh Chahiye

This Hoopr Original is a song that talks about the materialistic nature of humans. It’s a rather quirky and super catchy song from the perspective of a boyfriend who has a girlfriend who’s demanding. He complains animatedly as he bears her expenses. But on the flip side he doesn’t hesitate to do the same things for a new woman. The singer also has people pleasing tendencies. Who then gets frustrated when that’s used against him. He is also looking for peace but he won’t find it because he has a tendency to fall into situations which aren’t favourable to him. The song is a journey that ends back up at square one as the singer remains with his girlfriend.

Yeh Chahiye is out now and is the perfect listen with its chill Hip Hop beat and quirky, punchy vocals. Listen to the song on all streaming platforms and licence exclusively on Hoopr!

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