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New on Hoopr: May 2024

New on Hoopr: May 2024

We’re almost halfway through the year and Hoopr is has been releasing straight bangers for you to use in all your content. From Hip Hop bops to Indie Pop ballads, we’ve got amazing tracks from super talented artists. Let’s dive right into what’s New on Hoopr: May 2024!

Check out New on Hoopr: May 2024 and get inspired: 

Berehem by PP Music

Berehem’ is a soulfully melancholic song by singer, songwriter and producer Pranav Pandit. It’s a song that evokes the feeling of loss and longing for the one you love and transports you to your own heartsick memories. Let its soothing beats and emotional vibes transform your travel vlogs, web shows, films and more. 

Desi Ilaka by KVR

Desi Ilaka’ is the perfect Indian Hip Hop song to level up your Fashion videos, travel vlogs, advertisements and much more! Perfect for content creators looking to add an energetic and culturally rich vibe to their videos. Whether you’re showcasing dynamic dance moves, creating travel vlogs, or adding a punch to your lifestyle content, ‘Desi Ilaka’ will elevate your visuals and engage your audience with its high-energy and authentic desi flair. Don’t miss the chance to make your content stand out with this captivating track!

Baabul by Vinita Nautiyal

Baabul’ is a mesmerising Folk Fusion track that beautifully captures the heartfelt emotions of weddings, making it an ideal choice for content creators. Infused with traditional folk melodies and modern fusion elements, this song evokes the deep, sentimental bond between parents and their daughter, often a highlight in wedding ceremonies. Perfect for wedding videographers, event planners, and lifestyle influencers, let it enhance your content with its soulful essence.

Aghaaz by Parth Gambhir 

Aghaaz’ is a powerful Indian Contemporary track designed to inspire and energise the nation during the Indian elections. Its stirring melodies and motivational lyrics resonate with the spirit of democracy, encouraging citizens to take action and make their voices heard. Perfect for political campaigns, social media influencers, and content creators aiming to drive civic engagement, it sets the perfect backdrop for rallying support and highlighting the importance of every vote. Use “Aghaaz” to infuse your election-related content!

Rang Gondala by Savaniee Ravindrra

Rang Gondala’ is a mesmerising Marathi track that exudes a slow and sensual vibe, perfect for creating an intimate and captivating atmosphere in your content. Its smooth melodies and evocative lyrics weave a rich tapestry of emotions, making it an ideal choice for creators looking to add a touch of sophistication and allure to their videos. Whether you’re crafting romantic scenes, mood-setting montages, or visually stunning lifestyle content, it will enhance your visuals with its deep, soulful essence. 

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