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Complete Guide to Hoopr’s Creator Rewards Program

Creator Rewards Program

In the world of digital media, content creation has become more than just a hobby—it’s a thriving profession. Platforms like Hoopr are at the forefront, providing tools and opportunities for creators to excel. Now, Hoopr is taking its commitment to creators a step further with the introduction of its innovative Creator Rewards Program. This program allows subscribers to earn Hoopr Coins as rewards for every new user they bring through their referral link. Here’s a deep dive into how this program works and why you should be excited about it!

What is the Creator Rewards Program?

Hoopr’s Creator Rewards Program is an initiative to reward our subscribers as well as our prospective users with a free subscription for the duration of up to 3 months. This program not only makes it easier for new users to trust an endorsed platform but also rewards creators from our Hoopr community for spreading the word. Currently, the Creator Rewards Program is open to all individual subscribers of Hoopr. 

The Creator Rewards Program is Hoopr’s effort to empower creators who are just starting out their content creation journey by providing them with an additional form of income. 

How Does It Work? 

The process of being a part of the Hoopr Creator Rewards Program is quite easy! Let us tell you how: 

  1. Click on the shiny little Hoopr coin logo at the top right corner of your screen which takes you to your Creator Rewards dashboard. 
  2. When on the page, you can click on the ‘Refer Now’ button to get access to your referral link. You can choose either the YouTube description link or the link for other platforms. 
  3. Once you’ve shared the referral link with people, every time someone subscribes to Hoopr using your referral link, you get 7.5% of their subscription amount in the form of Hoopr Coins and the referee can get up to 3 months free!
  4. Now the interesting bit – what can you do with all your Hoopr Coins? We’ve got your back, you can use your Hoopr Coins to redeem Amazon Gift Cards! That’s right, Hoopr Coins are here to make life easier for you!
  5. To maximise your reward income and Hoopr Coins, make sure to add your referral link in the description of all your YouTube videos. 

Why Join the Creator Rewards Program?

  1. Monetize Your Network: As a creator, you already have an audience that trusts your recommendations. By referring them to Hoopr, you not only help them discover valuable tools but also earn rewards for yourself.
  2. Boost Your Creative Projects: Hoopr Coins can be used to purchase Amazon gift cards that can be used to buy/pay for a number of things. This means more resources for you to elevate your creative work.
  3. Strengthen the Community: By bringing new users to Hoopr, you’re helping to build a vibrant and diverse community of creators. A larger community means more opportunities for collaboration, learning, and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are the requirements to redeem Amazon Gift Cards? 

The criteria is quite simple – you need to be an active subscriber of Hoopr and have a minimum of 100 coins before you start redeeming. The coins are converted into Amazon Pay gift cards for you to use for any sort of purchase you’d like. 

What is the minimum and maximum redemption amount?

Currently the minimum transaction amount is 100 and the maximum amount is 1000. You will receive Amazon Pay gift cards of the full mentioned amounts, the validity of which is 365 days after redemption. 

Are the Hoopr Coins redeemable in the form of cash?

No, Hoopr Coins can only be redeemed via Amazon Pay gift cards. However, Amazon Pay vouchers are incredibly versatile and can be used for a number of different payments. For example, you can make restaurant bill payments, electric bills and much more!

Become a part of the Hoopr Creator Rewards and unlock a new way of earning through content creation!