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What Music to Use in Your Gaming Videos?

Gaming Videos

Creating engaging gaming videos involves more than just high-quality gameplay and commentary. Music plays a crucial role in setting the tone, enhancing the viewer’s experience, and even building your brand as a content creator. However, choosing the right music can be tricky. This guide will help you navigate the complexities of selecting the perfect tunes for your gaming videos.

Understanding the Role of Music in Gaming Videos

Music in gaming videos serves several purposes: Setting the Mood: The right music can intensify the excitement during a high-stakes moment or provide a calming backdrop for a relaxing game. Enhancing Engagement: Background music keeps viewers engaged, especially during lulls in commentary or gameplay. Branding: Consistent music choices can help create a recognizable style for your channel. 

Types of Music to Consider 

When choosing music for your gaming videos, consider the following categories: 

1. Background Music – Background music should be subtle yet engaging, complementing your gameplay and commentary without overpowering them. Here are some tips: Instrumental Tracks: Avoid lyrics, as they can distract from your voice-over. Instrumental music, such as electronic, ambient, or lo-fi, works well. Genre Matching: Match the music genre to the game’s theme. For instance, use orchestral music for fantasy games or retro synth-wave for vintage games. 

2. Intro and Outro Music – Your intro and outro music is critical for branding. It’s the first and last thing viewers hear, so choose something memorable: Catchy and Short: Aim for a 5-10 second clip that is catchy and recognizable. Consistent Theme: Use the same intro and outro music for consistency across your videos. 

3. Highlight and Montage Music – Highlight reels and montages often require high-energy tracks to amplify the excitement: 

Upbeat and Dynamic: Choose tracks with a fast tempo and strong beat. 

Genre Variety: Depending on your audience, you can mix genres like rock, electronic, or hip-hop to keep the content fresh and engaging. 

Finding the Right Music 

1. Royalty-Free Music Libraries – To avoid copyright issues, use royalty-free music libraries. Some popular options include:

Epidemic Sound: Offers a vast library of high-quality tracks across various genres. It’s a subscription-based service, providing unlimited use of their music in your videos.

Artlist: Another subscription-based service known for its high-quality, curated tracks.

And last but not least, Hoopr: Hoopr is the leading music licensing platform in India with a wide variety of copyright-free tracks and SFX across multiple genres, moods and languages.

2. YouTube Audio Library – YouTube’s own audio library is a great free resource. It offers a variety of tracks that are safe to use in your videos. Make sure to check the licensing requirements, as some tracks require attribution. 

3. Paid Licensing Services – For more unique and higher-quality tracks, consider paid licensing services such as Hoopr which offers high-quality, copyright-free music for all types of content!

Legal Considerations 

1. Copyright Laws – Using copyrighted music without permission can lead to your videos being demonetized, taken down, or your channel receiving strikes. Always use music with the appropriate licenses. 

2. Attribution Requirements – Some royalty-free tracks require you to give credit to the creator. Ensure you comply with these requirements to avoid any issues. 

3. Creative Commons Licenses – Music with a Creative Commons license often comes with specific conditions, such as non-commercial use or requiring attribution. Read the terms carefully before using the music. 

Tips for Integrating Music Into Gaming Videos

  1. Volume Balance – Ensure the background music volume is low enough so it doesn’t overpower your voice or the game’s audio. This balance is crucial for a professional sound. 
  2. Transitions Smooth – Transitions between different music tracks can enhance the viewing experience. Abrupt changes can be jarring, so use fade-ins and fade-outs or crossfades. 
  3. Matching Music to Content – Tailor your music choices to the content of the video: High Action: Use fast-paced, energetic music. Story-Driven: Choose atmospheric, orchestral, or ambient tracks to match the narrative. Casual or Relaxing: Opt for lo-fi or chill electronic music to create a laid-back vibe. 

Examples of Effective Music Use 

Selecting the right music for your gaming videos can significantly enhance the viewer’s experience and strengthen your brand. By considering the type of music, where to find it, and legal considerations, you can create engaging content that resonates with your audience. Remember to keep your music choices consistent with the mood and theme of your gameplay, and always ensure you have the proper licenses for any tracks you use. Happy gaming and creating!