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New Song Alert! Yoon Hi by Rashi Mal is Out Now!

Yoon Hi by Rashi Mal

The newest Hoopr Original ‘Yoon Hi’ by Rashi Mal is out now! Hoopr’s endeavour to constantly create fresh new music leads to amazing releases such as ‘Yoon Hi’. It’s a song that explores the pleasure of making music because you can and how it feels to be close to the person you love. It has the perfect Indie Pop vibe that transports you to a cosy dreamscape. 

The Creators of Yoon Hi

‘Yoon Hi’ is sung, written and composed by Rashi Mal and is produced by Arsh Sharma who is also known by his artist alias ‘Fuzzculture’. Rashi is an Indian actress, dancer and singer from Delhi. She made her film debut in 2018 with ‘Helicopter Eela’ alongside Kajol and Riddhi Sen. Since her inception in the Indian film and TV world, she has done a myriad of work across platforms such as Eros, Hotstar and MTV. Most notably, she was also a part of the film ‘Brahmastra’ alongside Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. 

‘Yoon Hi’ is a song that explores the pleasure of creating music. Rashi describes being close to her loved one and enjoying their company even while they don’t do anything special. The lyrics are relatable and evoke a sense of longing in the listener. The instrumental is a chill electronic affair that lends depth and feel to the song to create the soulful finished product. 

Yoon Hi, the first single from her EP ‘Rashionality: Chapter 1’ that contains 3 songs. The other two tracks are Naariyan and Chalo, which are also available on Hoopr. ‘Rashionality Ch.1’ is essentially her first  musical venture as a singer, songwriter and composer collectively. 

The Visualisation of the Song

To bring the song to life in a visual way the creative team at Hoopr created a stunning scrap-book style animated lyric video! It captures the essence of the song and is just visually so pleasing to the eyes. Check out the lyric video below! 

Watch the lyric video for Yoon Hi on the Songfest India YouTube channel!

Use Yoon Hi in Your Content! 

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