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Hoopr Originals

India has its fair share of talented musicians and they deserve opportunities to showcase that talent. Hoopr is determined to shine a light on talented indie musicians and give them a voice and a platform. Hoopr is on a mission to create a flourishing artistic community, whose artists get the recognition they deserve and are able to make exceptional music. 

Along with our rather vast music library, Hoopr Originals are vocal driven tracks by talented artists from all over the country! We at Hoopr bring artists together to create tracks that are absolutely sync-worthy! Not only is Hoopr providing thousands of creators with a wide variety of instrumentals, Hoopr Originals has unique vocal tracks across multiple genres

Fulfilling Creator Needs: 

These days creators require not only instrumental tracks for their videos but also vocal driven songs. Whether it’s a travel vlog, cooking video or a gaming video, your content deserves the perfect song to soundtrack it! Creators are able to choose which song suits their content the best, while remaining copyright-safe. 

Not only will creators love having songs that fit but also, they’ll have a chance to support the Indian Indie music scene. This helps build a community and opens the doors for an endless number of collaborations and other artistic opportunities. 

Top Picks:

Here are some of our favourite Hoopr Originals, all ready for you to license now!

Hoopr – The Leading Provider of Copyright Safe Music:

Hoopr is equipped with a vast music library, are you? Your awesome content deserves equally awesome background music! A track isn’t something that plays in the background, it enhances your content and makes it more well rounded. 

Hoopr offers you 5,000+ tracks and SFX for all your music needs. You reach your community through familiar music and still stand out. Stock music is a buzz kill, but ours isn’t! We got hundreds of tracks across a huge list of genres, moods and use cases. The tracks are personalised to your audience’s taste and fit just right. In fact, we are yet to reveal the most fun part of this offer!

You can avoid all the copyright issues with tracks that are copyright-safe. So, content creators, you can now leave your worries behind and subscribe to Hoopr today!