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Brand Buzz – Hoopr Powers Too Yumm’s Latest Super Campaign!

Too Yumm

Hoopr is super excited to announce their latest project, creating a music video for the popular snack brand Too Yumm! Too Yumm partnered with Marvel to create a new line of snacks inspired by various superheroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther! Hoopr had the amazing opportunity to create a power-packed song and video called ‘Hero Ko Jagao‘!

The Inception of Hero Ko Jagao

Too Yumm’s collaboration with Marvel gave birth to three new snack products each based on an iconic super-powered character. As these snacks were specially tailored for kids, the campaign had to have an essence of that super energy. That’s when the concept of TOO came in! Being TOO is your inner strength, just how kids are always TOO, hyper, energetic, passionate and creative. As the song says, “Jaise bhi ho tum usmein TOO milao, hero ko jagao!”. The message of the whole campaign uses the power of music to urge kids to explore their TOO. 

The music video for Hero Ko Jagao has a stellar 9.4 Million views on the Songfest India YouTube channel and is a definite hit!

Once the core message of Hero Jo Jagao was decided, Hoopr and Too Yumm worked with the team at Plot Twist to create a visually impactful music video! Each set was carefully constructed using the imagery of the respective Marvel superheroes. 

Starring in the video were talented dancers such as Gunjan Sinha, Somansh Dangwal and Geet Bagga. These incredibly talented kids brought their A game and simply aced all the choreography. They definitely added a little TOO to their performances! 

The Minds Behind the Music

Being India’s music licensing platform, creating the song Hero Ko Jagao was the most important thing for team Hoopr. Hoopr enlisted the help of singer Geet Sagar aka ‘Aawaazz’ to write and compose this banger. Then came in the talented young artists Aarav Bhatia, Aadya Kawale, Jaeda Hodywalla, Omkar Kanitkar and Kavya Pala who gave fantastic performances. 

The lyrics of the song represent the core message of adding a little TOO in your life to awaken your inner superhero. The song is also called a #Toogalbandi which is a play on the word Jugalbandi, that brings together different voices and styles of music. Just like there are 3 superheroes and 3 video sets, there’s also the integration of 3 different musical genres in Hero Ko Jagao. The beginning of the song is a classic Pop tune from which it transcends into a Qawwali verse and ends with a fire Rap section. 

Join the Fun and Apne Hero Ko Jagao!

Join creators all over India and dance your heart out to Hero ko Jagao! Creators everywhere are channelling their TOO and using this song to create beautiful content. 

Popular Instagram page Viral Bhayani even caught a group of amazingly talented kids doing a flash mob on the streets of Bandra in Mumbai! Check out their amazing dance moves here!

You can also use Hero Ko Jagao and make your own super-powered content! So what’re you waiting for? Join the #Toogalbandi!