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Hoopr’s Song Bhalobashi Steals Hearts on Instagram Reels 


Hoopr is stoked to announce its song ‘Bhalobashi’ trending on Instagram! It is an absolutely lovely song from our library by the very talented singer/songwriter Tamo Jit. The song has garnered a significant amount of traction on Instagram, with hundreds of reels being made using ‘Bhalobashi’. It’s been a delight seeing the various creative ways the song has been used across the platform, and how the audiences have loved the song just as much as we have. 

About Tamo Jit

The face behind Bhalobashi is the Kolkata based independent singer, songwriter and music producer Tamo Jit. WIth an educational background in pharmaceutical studies, Tamo Jit is a full time musician who also works actively in the Bengali film industry as a music producer and composer. His musical journey began at age 15, when he was learning to play the guitar and realised that music production interested him deeply. A self taught musician, Tamo Jit  worked for a couple of years to collect money to buy audio gear and other musical equipment before he began his music career in earnest.

His influences include BTS, Coldplay, Anirudh Ravichandran, and Arijit Singh. His unique style is a testament to the diversity of his influences and enables him to create sounds and melodies that stand out.

The Story of ‘Bhalobashi’

Hoopr’s relationship with Tamo Jit began with the inception of Sing To Sync, India’s premier top-lining contest held in March, 2023. As a fated coincidence Tamo Jit happened to come across Hoopr’s Instagram post announcing the launch of Sing To Sync through jury member Aditya Pushkarna’s Instagram story. The contest premise intrigued Tamo Jit and he decided to register. Shortly thereafter, he began to write an original composition along with his lyricist companion Souhardya De. As Sing To Sync was a pan India competition they wrote the song predominantly in Hindi, but wanted to add an essence of Bengali to make the song authentic to them. That’s when they thought of the hook line and title, ‘Bhalobashi’ – a Bengali phrase that means “I love you”, and well-known by most non-Bengali speakers. The song is essentially a love letter that expresses the deep affection the singer has for their significant other. 

The amalgamation of the ChillPop instrumental along with the Hindi-Bengali vocals create a finished song that appeals to listeners across the country. The heartwarming lyrics and melody also provide a sense of familiarity along with a fresh sound that makes it perfect for soundtracking romantic moments all around. The buzz surrounding ‘Bhalobashi’ on Instagram was brought to Tamo Jit’s notice when his friends and fans in the Kolkata music community informed him of the song being used as the go-to wedding track. He was delighted by the sheer appreciation for the song on Instagram and ecstatically surprised by the listeners’ response. 

‘Bhalobashi’ is a great example of amazing talent present on Hoopr! Hoopr is a firm believer in supporting independent artists across the globe by providing them a platform to unlock an untapped market for getting their music heard and licensed. Contests like Sing To Sync are a massive initiative taken by Hoopr to foster a community of indie artists that helps them explore opportunities that further their musical journeys. Hoopr also believes in empowering them to showcase their work while unlocking new avenues of income and providing authentic Indian music to our creators. 

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