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Hoopr: Building An Artistic Community

Hoopr is home to hundreds of musicians all over India and even some across the globe. The music industry has undergone a revolution in recent years, thanks to the rise of digital platforms and streaming services. Independent musicians, in particular, have faced challenges in gaining exposure and monetizing their talents. However, a game-changer has emerged in the form of Hoopr, a music licensing platform that is empowering indie artists and fostering a vibrant artist community in India and across the globe.

The Power of Music Licensing:

Music licensing has traditionally been a complex and often exclusive domain, with major labels dominating the scene. However, Hoopr has opened up doors for independent musicians by providing them with a platform to licence their music for various purposes. From commercials and films to video games and online content, Hoopr enables indie artists to showcase their work and reach wider audiences, while also generating income through licensing agreements.

Opportunities for Indie Musicians:

Hoopr acts as a bridge between talented indie musicians and industry professionals seeking authentic and unique music for their projects. By creating a user-friendly platform, Hoopr streamlines the process of music discovery and licensing. This opens doors for indie artists to collaborate with filmmakers, advertisers, content creators, and game developers, expanding their reach and potentially landing lucrative projects.

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Building an Artist Community:

Hoopr focuses on creating a database of musicians in every genre and language so that it promotes more creativity and sense of community. This sense of community is instrumental in empowering indie musicians who may otherwise feel isolated in a highly competitive industry.

Hoopr is revolutionising the music industry by empowering independent musicians and building a vibrant artist community. Through its music licensing platform, Hoopr opens doors for indie artists to gain exposure and monetize their talent. By connecting artists with industry professionals, creators and fostering a community, Hoopr is reshaping the way music is discovered, shared, and appreciated. As the platform continues to grow, we can expect a brighter future for indie musicians and a more diverse musical landscape for audiences worldwide.

Hoopr – The Leading Provider of Copyright Safe Music:

Hoopr is equipped with a vast music library, are you? Your awesome content deserves equally awesome music! A track isn’t something that plays in the background, it enhances your content and makes it more well rounded. 

Hoopr offers you 5,000+ tracks and SFX for all your music needs. You reach your community through familiar music and still stand out. Stock music is a buzz kill, but ours isn’t! We got hundreds of tracks across a huge list of genres, moods and use cases. The tracks are personalised to your audience’s taste and fit just right. In fact, we are yet to reveal the most fun part of this offer!

You can avoid all the copyright issues with tracks that are copyright-safe. So, content creators, you can now leave your worries behind and subscribe to Hoopr today!