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Hoopr x Flying Beast Release “Zidd Hai”

Zidd Hai song cover

Music has an incredible power to amplify emotions and experiences, and in the world of digital content, it’s become a crucial component in connecting with audiences. In a remarkable collaboration, Hoopr has teamed up with the renowned YouTube creator Flying Beast, also known as Gaurav Taneja, to create a song that encapsulates the essence of his extraordinary journey in the web series “Desh Ka Dhoni.” The result? “Zidd Hai,” a track that stands as an anthem of unwavering determination.

The Journey of Flying Beast

Gaurav Taneja, a commercial pilot and nutritionist turned content creator, has become one of India’s most beloved YouTubers. With over 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 5 million followers on other social media platforms, his journey from the cockpit to becoming a digital sensation is an inspiring one.

But it’s not just about fitness, gaming, or daily vlogs for Gaurav. He embarked on a mammoth journey of a 2400-kilometre bicycle ride from Delhi to Chennai in May 2023. This gruelling expedition was not just a physical test, but also a tribute to the legendary Indian cricketer, MS Dhoni. Gaurav’s mission was to collect wishes for the cricket icon from all corners of the country.

“The series ‘Desh Ka Dhoni’ embarks on a poignant journey that resonates with the hearts of every Indian cricket fan seeking to pay homage to the legendary MS Dhoni,” Gaurav shared. The ride tested his physical and mental limits, pushing him to the brink of exhaustion. “Despite moments of despair and breakdowns, our unwavering ‘Zidd’ fueled our determination.”

The Birth of “Zidd Hai”

Gaurav’s journey was a testament to determination, a quality that inspired Hoopr to create a song that could capture the essence of “Desh Ka Dhoni” and Gaurav’s unyielding spirit. Thus, “Zidd Hai” was born.

It was essential for Gaurav Dagaonkar and the Hoopr team to ensure that the song resonated with the “Desh Ka Dhoni” audience. Gaurav Dagaonkar believes in the power of music in storytelling, and he remarked, “India loves music in their stories, and a lot of songs become amplifiers for specific movies and shows. I think ‘Zidd Hai’ will also do the same for ‘Desh Ka Dhoni.'”

The Creative Forces Behind “Zidd Hai”

“Zidd Hai” is a culmination of talent and passion. Composed by Gaurav Dagaonkar, sung and written by Geet Sagar, and featuring music arrangement and production by Abhinav Meher, Sarvesh Korde, and Swarup Chattopadhya, the song is a harmonious blend of talent. The final touch comes from mixing by KSW.

Geet Sagar, the voice behind “Zidd Hai,” shared his thoughts on the song, stating, “That one feeling which just won’t let us give up, come what may. Giving Up Isn’t An Option. I love working with Gaurav Dagaonkar. His melodies and my words have always found a way to fit perfectly. Can’t wait for the song to be out.”

The Message of “Zidd Hai”

The lyrics of “Zidd Hai” capture the exact sentiments felt by Flying Beast during his epic journey.

Gaurav Taneja, Flying Beast himself, underlined the profound message of the song, saying, “True success isn’t merely reaching one’s destination; it’s the resilience to ‘never give up.’ The song ‘Zidd Hai’ encapsulates this profound sentiment with incredible power.”

Inspiring a Nation

Hoopr’s goal with “Zidd Hai” is to inspire people across the nation. They hope that other creators will use the song to amplify their own journeys and determination stories, touching the hearts of countless viewers.

Gaurav Taneja and his team have nothing but praise for Hoopr. He described our music library as breathing life into their creative endeavours. They believe that the fusion of Indian melodies with Hindi vocals enriches the narratives they craft.

“Zidd Hai” is more than just a song; it’s an anthem of determination, a testament to the power of not giving up, and an ode to the indomitable spirit of Gaurav Taneja’s “Desh Ka Dhoni” journey.

Listen to “Zidd Hai” exclusively on hoopr.ai and use it in your content, show off your determined Zidd!