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Handpicked Playlists of the Month: October

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October is the season of change and is full of a number of exciting events! We’re here to provide you with the perfect music so you can soundtrack all your content and more. Explore our list of carefully handpicked playlists that include everything from chill Lo-Fi to spooky Halloween themed tracks. Gear up to spice up your vlogs, podcasts, films, web-shows etc. 

Presenting our handpicked playlists for the month of October:

Lofi Cooking – Get ready to make your aesthetic cooking videos even more beautiful with ‘Lofi Cooking’! Full of chill and laid back Lo-Fi tracks that make for the perfect soundtrack for all your vlogs, B-rolls, advertisements or films. Find your favourite copyright free cooking music but with a new Lo-Fi flavour!

Indian Aalaaps – Bringing you a playlist filled with beautiful Indian Classical Aalaaps in a wide variety of Raags! Make your films, vlogs, web-shows more grand and elegant by adding a splash of these soulful vocals. 

Navratri Special – This festival season show off your epic Garba skills and celebrate the beauty of Navratri! Dance all night to these peppy tracks and add the perfect vibe to all your Navratri vlogs, dance choreographies and advertisements! Check out ‘Navratri Special’ now! 

Coffee Beats –  Capture serene moments and pair them with the chill, dreamy tracks from ‘Coffee Beats‘! Create the perfect vibe in your vlogs, reels, podcasts and more with these laid back beats. 

Halloween Land – Step into the eerie and enchanting world of our ‘Halloween Land‘ playlist, where spine-chilling tunes and bewitching melodies await to set the perfect mood for your content creation. Unleash your creativity and conjure up captivating Halloween-themed content that leaves your audience spellbound.

Get inspired and start creating today! Stay tuned for more playlist recommendations or check out our previous article ‘New on Hoopr: September‘.

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