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Handpicked Playlists of the Month: January 2024

Handpicked Playlists of the Month: January 2024

It’s a new day and it’s a new year but you can still count on Hoopr to give you the best recommendations of copyright-free music to use in your vlogs, films, advertisements, podcasts and more! Let’s ring in the new year and dive into our handpicked playlists of the month: January 2024 edition! From trendy Pop tunes to Bollywood bangers, we’ve got you covered!

Explore our handpicked playlists for the month of January – 

Viral Tunes –

Introducing ‘Viral Tunes,’ a playlist curated for the trendsetters and content creators of today. Packed with an eclectic mix of fresh beats and trending hits, this playlist is your go-to source for the pulse of the music scene. Whether you’re vlogging, creating short videos, or producing engaging content. From infectious hooks to genre-defying tracks, immerse yourself in a musical journey that not only elevates your content but also keeps your audience hooked. Let this playlist be the soundtrack to your next viral moment, inspiring creativity and setting the stage for content that stands out in the digital landscape.

Get Ready With Me –

Step into the world of glamour with ‘Get Ready With Me,’ the ultimate playlist designed exclusively for makeup and fashion content creators. Elevate your beauty and style tutorials with a carefully curated selection of tunes that match the rhythm of your creativity. From energising beats to soothing melodies, each track is tailored to enhance the aesthetic allure of your videos. Dive into a musical journey that not only complements your visual storytelling but also inspires a touch of elegance in every frame.

LoFi Mehfil

Indulge in the tranquillity of ‘Lofi Mehfil,’ a playlist crafted exclusively for content creators seeking the perfect backdrop for their videos. Immerse your audience in the soulful ambiance of Indian lofi tracks that blend traditional melodies with contemporary chill vibes. Whether you’re narrating a heartfelt story or creating a cosy study ambiance, Let the gentle beats and soothing rhythms enhance the mood of your videos, providing an authentic touch that resonates with viewers. Transform your content into a serene and engaging journey with the enchanting sounds of these songs.

Bollywood Retro –

Step into the golden era of Indian cinema with ‘Bollywood Retro,’ a playlist tailored for content creators seeking the timeless charm of vintage Bollywood. Immerse your audience in the nostalgia of classic melodies and soul-stirring tunes that pay homage to the yesteryears of Hindi cinema. Whether you’re creating a montage, a period piece, or simply infusing a touch of retro flair into your content, these tracks offer a treasure trove of inspiration. Unleash the magic of vintage Bollywood in your creations with this playlist!

Haq Se Hip Hop –

Unleash the power of rhythm and rhymes with ‘Haq Se Hip Hop,’ a playlist dedicated to the bold and dynamic beats of Indian Hip Hop. Packed with energetic bangers and electrifying tracks, this playlist is a creative force for content creators looking to infuse their videos with an urban edge. Whether you’re documenting street culture, showcasing dance routines, or adding a punch to your narratives, this playlist provides the perfect sonic canvas. Elevate your content with the authentic sound of Indian Hip Hop and let the beats inspire a new wave of creativity that resonates with the spirit of the streets. 

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