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Check Out How Flying Beast Uses Hoopr!

Flying Beast

Flying Beast, aka Gaurav Taneja is a renowned Indian Content Creator with over 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 4 million followers on Instagram. Gaurav, a commercial pilot and nutritionist turned content creator, has become one of India’s most beloved creators, making content across genres like lifestyle & travel vlogs, fitness videos, gaming content and more! Not only is Flying Beast a powerhouse creator but he is also a longtime Hoopr subscriber! 

Here at Hoopr we have been honoured to have our music featured in many different videos created by Flying Beast! We’re always impressed with the fresh and innovative ways our music is utilised by Gaurav and we look forward to new videos all the time! 

Take a look at Flying Beast’s #hooprpowered content! 

Let’s explore some of Gaurav Taneja’s recent videos which feature awesome tracks from the Hoopr catalogue: 

#1 “Chandrayaan Ke Chakkar Mein Gira Diya”

In this vlog Gaurav and his family are experiencing the deployment of India’s Chandrayaan 3 lunar exploration programme. They witness the historic moment with awe, excitement and pride for their country. 

Right alongside the joy, Hoopr is here to soundtrack their sentiments with authentic Indian music! The most notable songs used in this vlog are ‘Satrangi’ and ‘Ambala Moon’ from our very own library! We love seeing our tracks bring life and fun into the Flying Beast’s video. 

#2 “Deepotsav 2023 | Ayodhya”

In this vlog, Gaurav travels to Ayodhya to celebrate Deepotsav. The video follows Flyins Beast’s journey from the airport, all the way to the temple. The whole vlog is created with the intention of making you feel though you are on the trip, visiting the temple right from your own home!

There are many tracks used in this video but most notably, Gaurav chose to soundtrack a portion of the video with our fan favourite song ‘Aayi Diwali’!

Hoopr x Flying Beast: ‘Zidd Hai’ 

After months of using and loving Hoopr’s music, Flying Beast teamed up with Hoopr, to create a song that encapsulates the essence of his extraordinary journey in the web series “Desh Ka Dhoni.” The result? “Zidd Hai,” a track that stands as an anthem of unwavering determination.

The series covers his journey of a 2400-kilometre bicycle ride from Delhi to Chennai in May 2023. This gruelling expedition was not just a physical test, but also a tribute to the legendary Indian cricketer, MS Dhoni. Gaurav’s mission was to collect wishes for the cricket icon from all corners of the country.

Listen to ‘Zidd Hai’ and watch the captivating music video!

Gaurav Dagaonkar and the Hoopr team ensured that the song resonated with the “Desh Ka Dhoni ” audience. “Zidd Hai” is a culmination of talent. Composed by Gaurav Dagaonkar, sung and written by Geet Sagar, and produced by Abhinav Meher, Sarvesh Korde, and Swarup Chattopadhya. 

Hoopr was determined to provide Flying Beast with a track that highlighted the determination and dedication that went into ‘Desh Ka Dhoni’ and as a result ‘Ziss Hai’ represents all of that! 

Flying Beast Uses Hoopr, Do You?

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