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5 Best Websites for Copyright-Free Music

5 Best Websites for Copyright-Free Music

Music is a universal language that adds depth and emotion to various creative projects, be it videos, podcasts, or presentations. However, navigating the complex world of copyright restrictions can be challenging. To help you find the perfect soundtrack for your next project without worrying about legal issues, here are the 5 best websites for copyright-free music!

The best copyright free music websites are –

#1 Hoopr:

Hoopr is your one-stop shop for high quality, Indian copyright-free music! Find music that is unique and relevant for your content. It’s the only no copyright music website out of the ones we’ve mentioned that gives you access to authentic Indian music. Not only does it feature music from all parts of India, it also has premium copyright-free music across diverse genres, moods and use-cases! Hoopr’s subscription-based model allows creators, brands, agencies and filmmakers to choose a plan that fits their needs best. The biggest plus of Hoopr is that its subscription starts at only ₹ 249/month, which is the most affordable subscription fee out of all the no copyright music websites we’ve mentioned in this article! 

So what’re you waiting for? Join 175k+ creators, brands and agencies and make Hoopr your go-to when you’re looking for the best website for copyright-free music!

#2 Epidemic Sound: 

Epidemic Sound has carved a niche for itself as a premier source for high-quality copyright-free music. With an extensive library that covers a wide range of genres and moods, Epidemic Sound is a favourite among content creators. One of its unique features is the ability to search for music based on specific moods, making it easier to find the perfect track to complement the tone of your project. Moreover, Epidemic Sound offers a subscription-based model, giving users access to their vast music catalogue.

#3 Envato: 

Envato, a renowned marketplace for digital assets, also houses a diverse collection of copyright-free music through its platform, Envato Elements. With a subscription to Envato Elements, users gain access not only to a vast music library but also to a plethora of other digital assets, including stock footage, graphic templates, and more. Envato’s music selection covers various genres and styles, catering to the diverse needs of content creators.

#4 Soundstripe: 

Soundstripe is a dedicated platform for royalty-free music, tailored to meet the demands of filmmakers, YouTubers, and other content creators. Offering a straightforward licensing model, Soundstripe provides users with unlimited access to its music library for a single subscription fee. This makes it an affordable and convenient option for those seeking quality, copyright-free music.

#5 Artlist: 

Artlist is another gem in the world of copyright-free music. This platform focuses on simplicity and accessibility, offering users a straightforward licensing model for unlimited access to its extensive music library. With a diverse range of genres and an emphasis on high production value, Artlist is a good choice for many content creators seeking music. Artlist also understands the importance of seamless integration into various projects.

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In the dynamic realm of content creation, the right soundtrack can elevate your work to new heights. Hoopr, Epidemic Sound, Envato, Soundstripe and Artlist stand out as the five best websites for copyright-free music, each offering a unique blend of variety, quality, and user-friendly licensing models. By exploring these platforms, you can unlock a world of creative possibilities without the worry of copyright infringement, allowing your projects to resonate with audiences around the globe.