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YouTube is a popular platform for people of all ages. To build their channel and grow their audience, many creators put in long hours of work every day. There are numerous features that YouTube creators can use for easier navigation of their content.

Some of these features are new, while others have been there for a while now. Nonetheless, we have listed the best among them so you can organise your content and navigate through it conveniently.

YouTube Features for Easier Navigation

Below we have mentioned some of the YouTube features you can use for easier navigation of your content. So let’s start without any further ado.

1. YouTube studio dashboard

The most significant feature in this list is probably YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio is used by all major creators to gain a better grasp of their channel. It contains all of YouTube’s tracking and monitoring tools. The dashboard is a component of the YouTube Studio.

With a quick glance, users can quickly access important information on the dashboard. You can quickly access key metrics and data pertaining to your most recent videos. The dashboard provides you with a quick overview of the performance of the most recent video. This is helpful if you want to quickly assess how good your video is doing.

The dashboard also shows how many subscribers you’ve gained in the last 28 days. You are kept up to date on platform updates and bug fixes through the creator insider segment. The platform also includes a news segment. This keeps you informed of all industry-related news.

2. Playlists

Do you want easier navigation of your YouTube content? You can go to the Playlist tab and organise all your content by making a playlist for each type of content. Playlists are important in your strategic approach because they influence watch time, a significant metric used by YouTube to rank videos.

This is helpful for both the creators and viewers. With the help of this feature, creators can organise their content for easier navigation while the viewers get the organised content to watch.

Because playlist videos are set to auto-play, they are a perfect match for watch time. This means that when a viewer finishes watching one of your videos, another will begin automatically, increasing your watch time figure.

3. Audience Retention

Retention is the percentage of viewers who continue to watch the video after pressing the play button. If your viewer hasn’t left your video after 15 seconds, YouTube will count the number of individuals who stay and keep watching.

Audience retention is crucial because it tracks viewers’ areas of interest throughout your video and reveals when they stop watching.

This metric allows you to track when your viewers are losing interest in your content and to investigate possible causes. Is your introduction, for example, too long? Are viewers tuning out when you shift topics? Or do you place a CTA too soon in the video?

4. Create your Custom YouTube URL

To help people find your YouTube channel, why not give them an easy-to-remember web address? You can actually build a custom URL based on your user profile, YouTube account name, or the name of your business website.

If you want to do this, make absolutely sure this is the newly designed URL you want, because once it’s accepted, you won’t be able to change it or handover it to another individual. Keep in mind that it will be linked to your YouTube channel as well as your Google+ identity.

Sadly, not everyone is eligible to receive a custom URL. To qualify, you must have at least 100 subscribers, a minimum 30 days old channel, and have a photo on your channel icon.

5. Creator Studio App

As mobile continues to grow in popularity as a device for consuming video content, YouTube is working to improve the Creator Studio app.

Creators will have access to more analytics tools that will provide valuable insight into how to effectively interact with their audiences and optimise their channels.

YouTube Studio provides a plethora of tools and features that can help brands and creators in establishing a solid presence over the platform. Knowing when and how to use such features is essential for easier navigation and giving your channel the significant advantage it requires to succeed. We hope these YouTube features will help you with easier navigation of your content.

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