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YouTube Content Creators Guide To Avoid Copyright Strike

What’s the biggest scare for YouTube Content Creators in 2022?

We surveyed 1000 content creators to understand what keeps them up at night? And we’re not surprised when ‘Copyright Strike on music/video/image’ came on top with 977 votes.

Imagine! Investing so much time into conceptualizing, shooting & editing a video only for the copyright owner to jump in and run its ads on your video and earn thousands from that (Content ID), or worse, send a legal notice for unlawful usage of the copyrighted material (Copyright Strike). 

Copyright owners possess the power to practice their rights when you decide to use their copyrighted material without consent.

It may have never occurred to you but using a 10-second music clip is enough to land you in a sea of trouble.

Content Creators should seek inspiration from ‘reaction video’ channel owners who decided to terminate their channel to avoid getting caught in the protracted legal dispute. However, some creators feel they can get away with it by putting their surreal editing skills into play. And that’s how you get the ‘Copyright Strike’ on your channel.

In this blog, we will discuss,

What is a Copyright Strike, and how to create copyright-free video for YouTube?

Let’s start with the basics,

What is a Copyright strike?

When a copyright owner submits a valid and legal takedown request with YouTube against your video that contains their copyright-protected content, it will result in a copyright strike. 

For example, if you’ve used ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd in your daily vlog, without the permission from the copyright owner of the song –

For the violation, YouTube will take down your video, and you’ll see the phrase “Video taken down: Copyright strike” beside your video.

Congratulations on your first copyright strike!

The first time offenders have to complete Youtube’s Copyright School and the following penalties implied to their channels – 

  • The ‘Monetize’ button will be disabled for a particular duration
  • No live stream from the account for seven days

In other words, ‘Copyright Strike’ is a bad omen for any content creator. Three strikes and your YouTube channel will be terminated, along with all of your content. Therefore, it becomes essential to create copyright-free content.

Create YouTube video

How to create copyright free videos for YouTube?

“How to create a copyright-free video?” is a question a lot of newcomers to YouTube ask.

First, of course, you should check the rules and regulations of this video-sharing platform, but creating your video without using copyrighted content is possible.

For more information, check out the YouTube Creators Community.

1. Create Original Content

YouTube encourages content creators to bring originality and creativity to the platform. If you use music and video that you’ve created yourself, you don’t need to worry about copyright strike/claim. 

2. Explore Creative Commons Licenses

Creative Commons licenses grant content creators permission to use others’ work without the worry of being flagged for copyright.

The videos with creative commons license on YouTube are marked with “CC” and are safe to use.

3. Obey “Fair Use” Policy

Fair use is a legal guideline established by YouTube that says you can reuse copyright-protected material without getting permission from the copyright owner. You can use even the copyrighted material under this policy.

The only drawback is you can’t monetize the video with ‘Fair Use’ content. 

Fair Use policy varies for each country, and it generally approves the usage of only a small chunk of original copyright material. 

Music License

4. Buy Music’s License

I can list ten reasons straight away why buying the music license is the best option on this list.

Since 98% of copyright strikes occur on music, by purchasing the license you get the certainty that you won’t be sued for any infringing use of music, no matter how it happened.

Second, you will be able to conduct a commercial activity with the music knowing that no one can come after you for copyright infringement. 

On Hoopr, India‚Äôs first and only music licensing platform, you can select music from its extensive catalogue of royalty-free music and sound clips for your YouTube videos without the worry of indulging in licensing legalities.