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Why should brands build posts and campaigns around Valentine’s day?

The onset of valentine’s day excited people worldwide. They want to express their love to their close ones, and gifting/ splurging on them seems like the best idea for everyone. How lucky for brands, isn’t it? 


When we talk about love, Valentine’s day is an occasion that comes across our minds first. The day is the embodiment of love, both on social media and in reality. And it has the potential to keep your cash registers ringing for a long time. 


According to Statista, they expect people from the US to spend around 18.2 billion daily. People are planning on spending approximately 70 dollars on just gifts, while 23% of consumers prefer red roses on the day of love. 


hands formed together with red heart paint


Of course, not everyone wants to join. But, even then, around 6% of adults are ready to buy “anti” valentine’s day gifts. 


Why would you not reach out when your customers look for you? The time to launch a Valentine’s day campaign is now, especially on social media. People love countdowns and exclusive sales, so get your campaigns out. 


The catch is a campaign needs time, effort, and money, but Valentine’s day can deliver the ROI you seek. So, you need to create a strategy and get going. Every brand must stand out and improve when it wants to grab the opportunity.


7 Social Media Marketing Ideas and Tips for this Valentine’s day. 


Sweethearts Dream Big box


Brainstorming strategies sounds fun. But, it is impossible to come up with new ideas every time. Brands are always attempting something new, and you might need more experimenting to maintain relatability with your followers. So, Hoopr has some ideas that can help you plan better.

  • Promote your brand, product, or service.


Although it depends on your business and its purpose, you can run a promotional campaign during this time. Even if you do not sell a romantic product or service, you can find a way to link it with the day of love to claim success. It is a traditional move. But customers still prefer familiarity.


For instance, say you are a Chocolate brand like Cadbury. You can simply go the traditional way and create a campaign that directly targets your customers. But, if you are a marketing brand, you can launch a campaign offering services for brands like Cadbury or Kitkat. 


You can choose an offer that relates to the vibe as a product brand. Some examples are the OYO rooms “No room for hate” campaign and Penguin India’s “Love in other words.” It is about spreading love and promoting togetherness.


Hoopr Tips:


  • As you celebrate the day of love, use shades of red. It resonates with the theme, and people connect more to it emotionally.
  • Make sure you get the message across. Use quirky designs to avoid being too formal.
  • Use fun typography, e.g., Sans Serif. When you talk about offers, use bold and highlight the text.

  • Collaborate with another brand.


On Valentine’s day, you can collaborate with another brand for your Valentine’s social media post. It doubles your reach and makes it easier for you to build a more robust marketing strategy. 


People who have tried co-marketing techniques have great results, and you can make it more effective using clever tricks.


Hoopr Tips:


  • Talking about the tricks, you can use intelligent designs or animations to integrate the logo or identities of the two brands to make it look innovative.
  • You can play around with the brand colors and add a shade of red to make it look Valentine-like. 
  • Use the stories of both brands to create an impact. Create an animation that transitions into a valentine’s day message.


Collaborate with a brand you can relate to so your customers do not find it irrelevant. Focus on the visual presentation of the branding elements of both brands to make sure you reflect the theme perfectly. 


When you collaborate, use a similar message so it is clear to you. While you strategize together, it gets easier for you to generate leads.

  • Organize a contest.


People love to compete. Gamification is also a compelling marketing strategy. Big brands like Sugar, Nike, etc., use this strategy to reach more customers, increase engagement, and make their brand memorable. Gamification is engaging with your customers by applying gaming elements to activities related to the brand. 


You can incorporate contests and quizzes via gamified content to make them more engaging. Gamify the processes even if you give offers and discounts on a particular product or service. Make people play and win. While it sounds like a typical online marketing strategy, it helps them enjoy the reward.


For instance, when you open the Sugar cosmetics page, you get a quiz to solve. The quiz answers most of your doubts. It suggests a good shade of lipstick based on your personality. There are several other quizzes on their platform; they are fun.


clear glass bottle and read heart decor

  • Use Valentine’s day hashtags.


Hashtags increase reach. Apart from reaching out to people in general, it also allows you to reach your target audience without any paid ads. It also makes it easier for your target customers to find your information. When you use a unique hashtag, your message stands out, impacting your customers’ minds.


However, when you use a hashtag, you must ensure it is relevant. For instance, if you are a marketing brand running a campaign on Facebook, you would not use hashtags like skirt or fashion unless related to your content. People search for hashtags and come across you. If you post irrelevant hashtags, it makes no point.

  • Celebrate using posts and greeting cards.


Your brand on social media is more like a professional friend to your customers. You are trying to make your brand seem more humane and approachable, posting engaging content with great designs. And Valentine’s day is celebrated all over the world widely. So, you can celebrate together. 


Even if you do not run a campaign, you can design your social media using colors and great videos to look festive. Celebrate with your customers and audiences and make the content more engaging these days. You can also use your content to reach more people and engage with them.


Hoopr Tips:


  • Focus on making the designs more attractive with vibrant red shades. 
  • Keep the message short and direct. 
  • Use your brand’s colors with shades of red to give it a unique look and feel.

  • Invest in colorful designs.


Every brand would be celebrating Valentine’s day. Most of them will run a unique campaign or post content about love and togetherness. And every brand is trying to do something extraordinary. So how can you stand out?


Re-innovating on every occasion is impossible, and you get stuck after a while. So, it might be better if you invest in unique and attractive designs instead. The designs help you stand out and create an impact. You need to attract your customer’s attention for your content to stand a chance, and the designs do that for you.


Also, colors have emotion attached to it. Red makes you feel passionate and blue calms you down. Valentine’s day is an emotional holiday, and you need to use the colors intelligently.

  • Remember the singles too!


Most brands focus on the obvious, the couples who celebrate the day. Almost all campaigns have a target of attracting and converting them. They are trying to get a hold of the larger crowd and make an impact. While that is fruitful, you can step in and make singles feel the love too. 


You need to understand that after a point, it gets competitive. Many people are celebrating the day, but with all the brands doing their best, you might want another strategy that adds on. 


So, this valentine’s, make sure you celebrate the singles too. It is the day of love, and you can celebrate love with them to stand out.


Hoopr Tips: Designing the best Valentine’s day Social Media Post.


clear drinking glass with ice cream and straw


Designs, videos, and the overall content decide the return on investment of your marketing campaign or the strategy. Social media is the best way to reach the world, but you must know how to approach the platform. Across all social media platforms, it is designed as a unifying element. 


They are highly visual, and customers seek designs more than the copy. So, knowing how to design your content on social media is suitable for better results. 


Meanwhile, you can understand how your social media posts for Valentine’s day campaign must look with these tips from Hoopr. 

  • Colors you should use


Through studies, Psychologists reveal that colors determine human behavior. Carl Jung is a pioneer, and his modern explorations have helped marketers tap into their consumers’ emotions and strategize better. According to the theory, colors trigger emotions based on how we perceive and know them in our lives. Valentine’s day is the celebration of love and togetherness, and there is a color for that too. 


We associate red with love. When we say red, we use all its shades to express emotion. We associate pink with romance, kindness, and compassion and red with passion. It depends on the context, but primarily red stands for love. 


If you look at other campaigns, you will see a similarity. Most of them are in red with a heart shape floating around. Brands make sure they tap into the right psyche, and it works. 

  • Imagery that is appealing


The concepts that brands use in Valentine’s day marketing campaigns are similar. We associate the most visual cliché attached—romantic love associated with roses, hearts, sharing food and drink, and offering something. Most brands use these and get their work done. 


But nowadays, brands have shifted their focus to a more creative side. They are getting more honest with using this day to narrate the brand’s story. You can do that too. There are many options; you just need to choose the right one.


For instance, for singles, you can use the concept of self-love and promote gifting something to themselves. Tiffany and co stood up for the cause to support the “love is love” campaign, using couples of the same gender. Your concept decides your imagery, and you can try something distinct and stand out with the right imagery.

  • Typography you must consider


You want to deliver a love message. Nothing does that better than content that uses the right colors with the right story and typography. A good font can change the look and feel. So, choosing a great font is essential too.


Fonts can provoke psychological emotions. They can make a brand feel emotions of friendliness. You can thus use emotional fonts to give your brand’s identity a powerful impact.


You can use fonts Featherly, Rosalinda, Oh Darling, Alegance, etc. These fonts convey the emotions of joy, delight, and romance. They fall under the family of romantic script fonts and help you get your point straight.


For a valentine’s day message, you need a delicate font. The normal ones look unappealing, and the good news is that you can experiment with various fonts this time. Use variable fonts to give it an extra look and cursive to make it beautiful. The fonts depend on your emotions, so choose the one that matches well.


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