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What Music to Use Based on Your Content

Whether you’re a filmmaker, podcaster, YouTuber, or content creator of any kind, we understand the importance of finding the right musical match to enhance your storytelling. Join us as we unravel the secrets of selecting the perfect tunes based on the unique nature of your content, and unlock the potential of your creations through the magic of music. 

Types of content and the music you should use for it:

Travel Vlogsif you’re a travel vlogger so often experiences beautiful panoramic views, your vlogs deserve music that enhances the content. Using feel good, soulful and grand music can definitely level up your videos. It might also be fruitful to use the regional sounds of the place you are travelling to. 

Cooking Videosto compliment your flavourful and colourful recipes it’s key to use music that’s just as vibrant as your cooking! Using upbeat, peppy and groovy beats can heighten the senses of your audience and create an absolutely beautiful atmosphere. 

Fashion Videoswhen it comes to fashion vlogs/videos it’s important to choose music that pairs well with your content but doesn’t steal focus from your stunning outfits. Electronic House music can be apt for Ramp Walks or fashion shows and Chill Pop beats are perfect for lifestyle vlogs.

Gaming Videos while flexing your amazing gaming skills, your videos need to reflect that high intensity vibe. Using EDM or Drum and Bass tracks in your gaming playthroughs or livestreams can boost your audience’s interest. 

Podcastsfor most podcasters and podcast listeners, the main attention grabbing component is the spoken content. For your interviews, stories or debates to shine, you require subtle and chill background music that creates an atmosphere for your podcast whilst also not disrupting it. 

Health and Well Being Videosmeditation, yoga and lifestyle vlogs all have one thing in common which is relaxing music. Choose an appropriate ambient track to soothe and calm your viewers while they explore their inner peace. 

Reels/Shortswhen it comes to Instagram reels and YouTube shorts, the best way to gain attention is to use fresh, trending sounds. You want your audience to recognize the music you’re using so that they are more inclined to stick around.

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