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What Kind of Music Goes Best with Your Content?

Since you are here reading our blog, we can safely assume that you are familiar with the fact that music is an essential component in the process of producing high-quality videos that will attract views and likes. Great. The first stage is now over. The next thing you need to do is select what kind of music goes best in your content to play in the background of your videos. It’s not as easy as you might think.



It can be challenging to begin exploring songs, particularly in our extensive and high-quality music collection. How do you pick the right music? Just pick one genre of music and dive into that.


First, we’ll explore what music goes best with your content and then we’ll go over the top 5 music genres that can fit into any type of content.


How to Choose What Kind of Music Goes Best with Your Content?



If you want to find the best music to use as the soundtrack for your videos, you need to understand where to begin your search. Your videos’ impact and reach can be greatly increased with just a little bit of extra effort put into finding the right music.



There are various factors to consider when deciding on the best background music for your video. What kind of tone does your content have, and who is the target audience?  If it’s hard to choose just one song from the huge number of options, limit yourself to one genre. 


Where can I Find Good Background Music?



Never use low-quality music no matter what. There is a wide range of good background music available to fit any budget (even free).


Royalty – Free Music



When creating a video, you should be careful to use music legally in your video to avoid copyright claims and be able to monetize your content. This is where we come in. Hoopr has one of the biggest collections of royalty-free music available for various genres and moods.



With early access on our platform, for as little as Rs. 1,790 per year, you can get unlimited downloads from our library to use and monetize your videos. This means that YouTube will never send you a copyright claim again.



You can download as many songs as you like (paid subscription), and you can stop your subscription at any time, which is a big thumbs up. This way, you can test out all the music you want to use in your video and pick the best one.


Hire a Composer





You should only think about hiring a composer if you have enough money and the video is very important. When working with a composer, you can perfectly convey the feelings and ideas that are shown in the video.



A video series can also have a nice sense of continuity if it has an original score that plays throughout each video. If those tones are instantly recognizable, you’ll get more attention from people as they scroll your content on their social feeds.


Top 5 Popular Music Genres for All Types of Content


1. Classical Music





Classical music has long been said to boost productivity. Listening to classical music has been linked to increased brain activity and a more positive emotional state, a phenomenon that has been coined “the Mozart Effect.” 


Several studies have shown that classical music improves one’s spatial reasoning and shape manipulation skills.


2. Cinematic Music





Even if you’re just working through your to-do list, listening to an intense cinematic scores can give you the impression that you’re engaged in an activity that is meaningful or significant. Playing an epic score in the background can make even some of the most basic tasks seem like you’re saving the world, which can boost your focus and efficiency.



Cinematic scores have the potential to inspire and uplift listeners, making for an overall more positive experience. If you need a little extra motivation when you’re feeling exhausted, some amazing cinematic music may be just the thing.


3. Ambient Music





When you have a powerful message that you want to convey to the audience, ambient music in the background for your video can strike the perfect chord. This type of music gives the audience something to keep their ears busy while not taking away the message you are trying to convey.



The term “background music” or “boring” is sometimes used to refer to ambient music, but there is absolutely a place for, and demand for, relaxing sounds that do not distract.



Videos with a strong message, instructional videos, and videos produced by nonprofits highlighting a challenging social issue all benefit from the use of ambient music. For e.g. you can use Ambient music to emphasize the severity of a big problem.


4. Acoustic Music





There is an increasing prevalence of acoustic music in videos of all genres. Acoustic music is a highly versatile genre that can be used for many different kinds of videos, and both viewers and editors tend to appreciate the warm tones it offers.



Lifestyle videos, construction montages, motivational clips, Vlogs and bite-sized how-to videos on social media, all feature the soft melodies of acoustic instruments and an upbeat drum beat on YouTube. Acoustic music manages to uplift the mood of the viewer and have a positive effect on them.


5. Video Game Music





It’s odd, but listening to a video game soundtrack can help you concentrate. Video game music is carefully crafted so that it won’t distract you from your mission, as is the case with every other aspect of a game so that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience.



This type of sound typically doesn’t feature any vocals or lyrics and is played at a brisk tempo to keep you on the go. The music in video games is designed to keep you interested as you analyze, navigate, and even battle your way through fantastic worlds.