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Staying Claim-free On YouTube

How To Avoid Getting Copyright Claims?

In order to have a claim-free experience on YouTube, it is absolutely essential that you, as a content creator, provide us with your YouTube Channel ID.

Once you have provided us with your Channel ID, we can then have it registered in our database. This way, any video that is uploaded with our music on YouTube, remains eligible for monetization without any risk or hassle of receiving a claim.

Please note that videos that are uploaded only during an active subscription will be protected from claims, videos that are uploaded outside of an active subscription period may result in claims.

Where you can give details regarding YouTube channel to avoid copyright claims?

You can visit our page and enter the details here.

Or, you can find the field in ‘My Account’ section, under ‘Social Profiles’

For further clarification regarding claims, please reach out to us via claims@gsharp.media