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Sing To Sync: Marathi Edition

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Hoopr’s amazing contest IP Sing To Sync recently conducted their 2nd edition and this time it was for all the talented Marathi singer-songwriters and rappers. Sing To Sync Marathi Edition kicked off on the 27th of July and encouraged Indie Marathi artists from all across the country to send in their original compositions whilst standing a chance to win cash prizes as well as other exciting opportunities! 

What is Sing To Sync?

Sing To Sync is a top-lining contest that gives musicians from all over the world the chance to explore their songwriting and music composition skills. The contest itself is super easy to participate in, all a singer or rapper has to do is pick a track of their liking from the playlist provided by Hoopr and write their original song on top of it. It’s that simple! 

Hoopr was committed to making the second iteration of the contest even more exciting and fruitful for musicians, so we decided to create the Marathi Edition of the contest. The Marathi music community in India is full of undiscovered hidden talents that deserve the spotlight and that is what Sing To Sync set out to provide. Hoopr partnered with popular Marathi YouTube channel BhaDiPa to make this edition of the contest a resounding success. 

The contest was judged by creative producer and CEO of BhaDiPa, Paula McGlynn, singer and CEO of Hoopr, Gaurav Dagaonkar and last but not least, singer and actress Gautami Deshpande. The judges panel was so thrilled and passionate about the contest and truly believed in providing Marathi talent the platform they need. 

Hoopr received hundreds of awesome entries across many genres and in many variations! The participants blew the judges away with their innovation and unique styles. Both Hoopr and BhaDiPa were so incredibly proud of the winners for their amazing original songs!

You can also listen to and use the amazing songs from the first edition of the contest by checking out the Sing To Sync Mixtape!

Congratulations to all the winners of Sing To Sync Marathi Edition, we’re so happy for them and excited to see what these talented individuals will do next. Stay tuned for more Hoopr Contests!

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