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Pro Tips For Becoming A Full-Time Gaming Streamer

Are you a pro gaming streamer? Do you have that potential in you that you can excite everyone with your gaming skills? If yes, then here are some top and beneficial tips for you so that you can start your career in the gaming industry. 


Today we are going to discuss some of the basic things like the meaning of streaming, what a gamer should know before streaming, and the equipment needed for streaming. So let’s start without any further ado!


Game Streaming



Game streaming or streaming video games online means broadcasting yourself in front of a live audience and engaging them with your gaming skills and interesting interactive skills. 


You can also take this as getting paid for playing games and showing off your skills to the world. You can also make this skill of yours your career, for that here are some tips:


Top 11 Tips to Become Full-Time Gaming Streamer


1. Choosing Perfect or Right Game to Stream 


The first step towards becoming a successful streamer is choosing a game in which you are skilled and the game about which you know everything. It would be very exciting to show everyone your skills and take part in upcoming tournaments.



There is another thing to keep in mind: the game you are choosing should have some streaming value. For example- if you are choosing a game with no streaming value then it will not be going to give you any result in return. But if you are picking up a game with such value then it will definitely give you unexpected results.



2. Picking up a Platform that is Best for You



The right platform can be a great partner for you. Nowadays online streaming is becoming very popular among the youth as a lot of people use to play games and like to watch good gameplay and learn from it.


So, after all this, it is very crucial for a person to select a proper platform to stream upon. Like if you want to attract an audience from India then it would be better for you to go with YouTube gaming as this platform gives each and every streamer an equal opportunity to grow.


3. Pick your Streaming Software


Choosing the correct broadcasting software is a very important step in full-time streaming. Many interesting streaming softwares are currently available on the market. To make things even better, the best softwares are free.



OBS Studio is the original software that paved the way for all of the modern streaming softwares. Because it’s open-source and free, it’s compatible with all streaming platforms and delivers consistently high performance. 


Streamlabs OBS is, simply put, a better version of OBS Studio. It’s free to use and has great custom themes as well as donation alerts for streamers.


4. Invest in Good and Necessary Equipment


After knowing things like which platform will work for you and choosing a game to stream for, you should invest in the right and necessary streaming equipment. Here is some equipment that a gaming streamer should have with them or invest into –


  • Good webcam
  • Mic or Microphone
  • Proper Lighting
  • Stable and fast Internet connection
  • Tripod (mobile streamers)
  • Green Screen (optional)
  • Gaming Console (optional)


5. Target Right Audience


For this, you must know how to engage the right audience and should know what they exactly want to watch. You should try to figure out what will be the best course of action and what is working out for you.



You’d be surprised at how many streamers’ careers have been ruined by inappropriate behaviour. Using foul language, making sexist or racist comments, or making racist jokes can have a disastrous result on your channel. Maintain a good and healthy environment while live streaming.


7. You should Enjoy the Game Yourself


In context with this, what is being conveyed is you should not get tensed by the count of the audience and should enjoy what you are doing because if you are going to enjoy it, so will the audience. If you are happy then the audience will love to watch you, sometimes it does matter how excellent you are if you are not happy with it.



8. After Building a Good Audience Base start doing New Things


In order to become a successful gaming streamer, you should try new things after a specific time period. Once you have gained a good pace you should go for new things and should try new games so that you can also attract or engage a new audience for you. 


But once you have taken a step towards doing something new you should not feel hesitant to show it to the world, because failing at the start would be better than doing the same thing every day.


9. Be Consistent


For those who want to grow their streaming channel, they must stream frequently. Make a schedule for your streams and stick to it no matter what. You need to have a strong will and give your full attention to this job.


10. Announce Before you live Stream


Don’t you want your audience to know first that you will be streaming soon? This will get you more engagement and probably more viewers as well. 


You can make a post or simply put a story that says something like, “Hey guys! I’m going to stream GTA V tonight at 10 pm”. Or something like, “ The stream is going to start soon and I have a surprise for you all! Come join me and find out.”


11. Being Patient is Key to Success



You have heard that success will come to you if you are patient enough to see the results and believe in hard work. Success is not a matter of doing hard work for a few days, it will take time for you to analyze what is good for you and to fetch the desired results out of your actions. 


For example- Mortal, a well-known streamer worked for two years to see the desired results and to reach his goal of achieving internet fame.




A career as a full time gaming streamer can be both lucrative and enjoyable if you are fully dedicated towards it. It’s important to remember that in order to be successful, one must be willing to put in the time and effort necessary to see things through, even if that means having to learn new skills.


So, these are some pro tips that you can follow and implement in your life in order to become a successful gaming streamer and let the world know about you and your skills. We hope that we have helped you regarding the same and take you a step closer to your dream, if you have any queries then you can comment down below so that we can help you further and you are also most welcome to share your feedback. You can also add amazing copyright-free gaming music to your streams to level up your content!