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Perfect selection of background music to support the main character in your videos!

Nowadays, everyone’s addicted to Korean Pop! It’s almost surprising to see how passionate they are about the genre while they do not understand a word in the song. Music is indeed a universal language, we realize. And no boundaries can make the wave stop.


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Well, think about the last time you listened to your favorite track. Didn’t you feel emotions you can’t convey by simply talking? Why else would you have different playlists for different emotions, right? Music has the power to influence human emotions, making it an essential tool for your videos.


Music can create a rhythm with the clips and scenes you add to your video, emphasize the overall story, set the vibe, and engage your audiences better. People’s major complaints when they watched Liger were the dialogues.


But why do the dialogues make or break the tune? Videos without great music are movies without proper dialogue. They set the mood right!


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And what else? In this blog, Hoopr takes you across the playing field of music in your videos and explains how that can support your content while acting like a main character.


Should you spend more time perfecting your background music choices?


When we hear Tanmay Bhat, his intro music plays in our minds. We all appreciate his content, but the truth is that we all wait until the end to hear his outro and smile at his parody of the viral Bengali song, Kacha Badam.


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The music leaves a trail of visuals, and we all know how important that can be! So, should you spend more time perfecting your music choices? For sure!


Music takes us on a ride to help us define our emotions: 


Look at your content. Just once again! Who’s going to watch it? Define your set audience and the emotion you want to stir in them after they watch your video. Should they feel happy, angry, sad, or confused? Then, fixate on the message you’re trying to convey.


Say you want to create excitement around an upcoming event. You wouldn’t use a romantic track or a DevD inspired track. You would always choose an upbeat one. However, you’d always go for a more subtle approach for an educational piece.


Apart from the mood, think about the culture of your audience. For example, if you create relatable regional content for your community, would a super viral English song relate with them, ever? You’d have to find a way to get a regional track instead.


If you’re wondering where you would ever get a regional track that would fit your video right, check out https://hoopr.ai/discover. You can even license it at ₹249 a month. Once you license, no one can bug you about copyright claims again!


Music sets the pace right.


Have you noticed how the tempo and speed of a song set the pace for your shots throughout the video? Hoopr is here to explain the math behind it. 

Say you want to make people think, create drama or invoke suspense. A slow-paced track leads the way. The shots would always be longer than usual, while the music behind the scenes gets more dramatic and slow.


Now, a neutral-paced track fits right with an interview or podcast. It does not necessarily create a mood like a fast or a slow-paced song would. Rather acts as a reinforcement. Fast-paced songs add drama again! It creates excitement and accompanies the quicker clips.


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Music does not distract. It supports your main character.


Say you run a horror show. You bring in curious minds and talk about different supernatural findings. You would use a gloomy, slow-paced track to support your content. Right?


The music is not the main character. It sets the mood for your conversation and hooks people in so they know what to expect. When you start the conversation, people are already looking forward to it, enhancing engagement as you go.


Get music right with Hoopr.


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You do not have to worry about anything if you know how to get high-quality, premium tracks for higher engagement minus the scary copyright claims and legal notices.


Whether you create content for Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, you need to be well-versed in the different copyright laws. And as you learn more about copyright in music, royalty-free music, and more, it gets easier for you to ensure fair use of others’ music as well.


And in case you are a YouTuber looking for copyright-free music, Hoopr can help you learn about it, get royalty-free music, and skip the worry about legalities. Choose now to get going with your next video!