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Na Maanungi by Surabhi Dashputra is Out Now!

Na Maanungi

Get a dose of fresh new sounds with the release of Na Maanungi, a beautiful amalgamation of Surabhi Dashputra’s polished, Classical inspired vocals paired with the groovy beat. Hoopr’s constant effort to uplift and empower indie Indian artists is the force behind gems like Na Maanungi. Our ever-growing library is chock full of incredible talent from all across the world and we’re always here to provide you with the newest songs. Let’s explore the magic behind Hoopr’s newest single, ‘Na Maanungi!’

The Minds Behind the Song

Na Maanungi’ is the brain-child of singer and songwriter Surabhi Dashputra, who not only sang and composed the song but also penned the playful, beautiful lyrics. The entire soul of the song are the lyrics and melody, weaving together Indian Classical vocals with an electronic beat. 

Surabhi is most notably known for her contributions to Bollywood music. Her style blends Western, Folk, and Classical music together. She debuted as a singer in 2013 on MTV Coke Studio Season 3. Her fame rose with the film “Titoo MBA” in 2014, where she wrote and sang popular songs like “O Soniye” and “O Ranjhna.” 

Another integral part of ‘Na Maanungi’ is producer Anirudh Bhola, who created the groovy Afrobeat that completes the song. Anirudh is a singer, songwriter and producer who has done a ton of notable projects in the ever-evolving music industry. 

It’s the magical blend of these two incredibly talented individuals that brings ‘Na Maanungi’ to life and makes it the absolute banger that it is! 

Use Na Maanungi in All Your Content!

This song makes for the perfect soundtrack to any film, TV show, web series and more! Let its chill rhythm transform your travel vlog or elevate your fashion videos. You can even let your own creativity shine by choreographing a dance routine to this foot-tapping song. 

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