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July 2023 Content Calendar

Here are some fun events taking place in the month of July, so that you can get the inspiration you need to make content to engage your audience. Happy creating!

July 1st: International Joke Day – International Joke Day is a lighthearted celebration, encouraging people to share laughter and joy through humour. Creators can make engaging videos by creating funny skits, telling jokes, or even organising a comedy show. They can also explore different types of humour, such as puns, wordplay, or observational comedy, to entertain their audience and spread laughter on this special day. Use our ‘Handpicked for Pranks‘ and organise epic pranks of your own!

July 2nd: International UFO Day – International UFO Day celebrates the mystery and fascination surrounding unidentified flying objects. Creators can make captivating videos by exploring UFO sightings, discussing conspiracy theories, or even conducting interviews with experts in the field. They can create fictional stories or animations inspired by UFO encounters, engaging their audience in the realm of extraterrestrial possibilities. Check out our SFX playlist for the same!

July 9th: Fashion Day – Fashion Day is a day dedicated to celebrating style, trends, and self-expression through clothing and accessories. Creators can make exciting videos by showcasing their own fashion choices, providing style tips and inspiration, or even conducting interviews with fashion designers and influencers. They can also create fashion hauls, look-books, or DIY tutorials, allowing their audience to explore their own unique fashion journey and find inspiration for their personal style. Flex your style to the beats of our ‘Showstopper‘ playlist!

July 18th: World Listening Day – World Listening Day is a global observance that encourages people to appreciate the power of listening, particularly through music. Creators can make captivating videos by showcasing different genres of music, sharing their favourite songs or artists, or even creating music covers. They can also organise live performances, virtual concerts, or collaborate with musicians to create original compositions, fostering a deeper connection between the audience and the beauty of sound on this special day. Out ‘Top 30‘ is the one-stop shop for all our best songs!

July 26th: Kargil Vijay Diwas – Kargil Vijay Diwas is commemorated to honour the brave soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives during the Kargil War. Creators can make impactful videos by sharing stories of valour and sacrifice, interviewing veterans or family members of soldiers, or creating documentaries to educate and inspire their audience about the significance of this day. They can also organise virtual events, panel discussions, or charity campaigns to pay tribute to the heroes and raise awareness about the sacrifices made in defence of the nation. ‘Mera Bharat Mahan‘ is perfect for all your patriotic content.

July 30th: International Friendships Day – International Friendship Day is a special occasion to cherish and honour the importance of friendships. Creators can make heartwarming videos by sharing personal stories of friendship, creating tribute videos for their friends, or organising virtual hangouts to celebrate the day with their audience. They can also provide tips on fostering strong and meaningful friendships, share friendship-themed DIY projects, or collaborate with other creators to spread positivity and encourage people to connect and appreciate the value of friendship. Show your love for your buddies with ‘Friendship Day‘ tracks!

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