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37 Best Instagram Features for Creators

Instagram Features

In today’s age, Instagram continues to stand out as a leading platform for creators to showcase their talents, engage with audiences, and grow their brands. With a plethora of features designed to support and enhance creativity, Instagram offers numerous tools to help creators thrive. This article explores the best Instagram features that can help you elevate your content, engage with your audience, and even monetize your efforts.

New Instagram Features

Instagram frequently updates its platform, introducing new features that enhance user experience and provide creators with more ways to express themselves. From advanced editing tools to innovative engagement options, these updates are tailored to keep both creators and their audiences engaged.

  1. Music on Carousel Posts

You can add your favourite song to your static carousel post to make it more fun and engaging! Simply choose your desired track from the Instagram Audio Library. 

  1. Comments Section Poll

Your followers can now engage more with your content with Polls you can put in the comments section. It helps your followers share their opinion and makes your content more interactive. 

  1. Map Search 

Users can explore popular tagged locations around them, making it easier to find businesses, aesthetic photo ops, and other noteworthy public places. You can also use the filter to get specific categories like restaurants, cafes, or salons.

  1. Cutouts

The cutout feature allows you to create a custom sticker using your own pictures. You can simply select the shape that you want to cut out from your image and use it as a sticker!

  1. Broadcast Channels 

Broadcast channels can be a fun and unique way to keep your followers up to date on all your news! Whether you’re a small business owner or beauty guru, broadcast channels help you connect with your followers in a more personal way while also keeping them informed of your work!

  1. Collabs on Reels and Carousels 

A single post can now be seen on multiple accounts’ feeds thanks to Collab Posts! You can simply collaborate with another Instagram account to create a singular post that shows up on both accounts’ timelines, reaching a larger combined audience. 

Instagram Business Features

For creators looking to establish a professional presence, Instagram offers business features that provide valuable insights and opportunities for growth. Business profiles come with access to analytics, promotional tools, and contact options, making it easier for creators to understand their audience and expand their reach.

  1. Professional Dashboard

The professional dashboard is an important tool for business accounts on Instagram. It provides you analytics and Ad tools to boost the visibility of your account. It’s a necessary practice for accounts looking to grow their reach. 

  1. Interactive Bio

Instagram lets you add a number of interactive items to your bio to help your followers access more information. You can add links or tag other accounts to help make it easier for your audience to reach the desired destination. 

  1. Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing allows you to post content from your laptop or desktop, making it easier for businesses and individuals with multiple team members or social media managers. 

  1. Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a great tool to interact with your followers in real time and boost account engagement. 

  1. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights allows you to view the number of likes, shares, views and comments on your post/reel. It even helps you by showing you your follower metrics, best time to post and more. 

Instagram Messaging Features

Engaging with your audience is crucial, and Instagram’s messaging features offer a variety of ways to connect. From direct messages to group chats, creators can build relationships with their followers, collaborate with other creators, and even provide customer service through Instagram’s messaging platform.

  1. Direct Messages

Instagram DMs (Direct Messages) are a huge source of communication for many social media users. It’s a great way to connect with fellow content creators, your followers or for businesses, customers. 

  1. Pinned Comments

Pinned comments are the ones that a user sees right at the top when they view your content. It can be a great way to provide extra information or used as an interactive conversation starter. 

  1. Polls, Quizzes and Stickers 

Adding Polls, Quizzes and other stickers to your Instagram stories can make them more interesting, interactive while also boosting your account’s engagement. 

  1. Instagram Notes

Users can now share notes that appear at the top of the DMs tab on Instagram. It can be a fun little message to let your followers know you a bit better. 

Instagram Story Features

Instagram Stories are a fantastic way to share real-time updates, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive experiences. With features like polls, questions, and countdowns, creators can engage their audience in creative and dynamic ways.

  1. Instagram Story Captions

Putting captions in your stories can be a huge add-on in making your stories more aesthetically pleasing. You can layer text and emojis onto your stories to make them more fun and informative!

  1. Story Links 

Adding links to your stories is the best way to redirect your followers to a destination of your choosing. Whether it’s a song link, shopping link or article link, you can add whichever you like. 

  1. Instagram Story Highlights 

Since Instagram stories only last for 24 hours, Story Highlights lets you keep them on your profile permanently in its designated spot. You can create multiple highlights for different themes and topics too!

  1. Add Yours 

Add Yours is a super fun feature that allows users to add their own image to a specific tag or trend. 

Instagram Reel Features

Instagram Reels have revolutionised short-form video content on the platform. With a range of editing tools, music options, and effects, creators can produce engaging and entertaining videos that can go viral, increasing their visibility and follower count.

  1. Remix

You can now remix a pre-existing reel with your own video and combine the two. Whether it’s an extension of the first clip or a duet, it’s a fun way to collaborate with other creators. 

  1. Reel Templates

Reel templates make it easy for creators to make and post reels as it automatically adjusts and edits their clips according to the template chosen.

Instagram Shopping Features

For creators who sell products, Instagram Shopping is a game-changer. By tagging products in posts and stories, creators can provide a seamless shopping experience for their audience, driving sales directly from the platform.

  1. Product Tags 

Product Tags are a useful feature for businesses to help user identify products showcased in the posts. 

  1. Instagram Checkout 

Instagram Checkout makes it super easy and convenient to purchase items seen in posts or reels. 

Hidden Instagram Features

Instagram has several hidden features that can significantly enhance your experience as a creator. These lesser-known tools can help you manage your account more effectively and engage with your audience in unique ways.

  1. Your Activity 

The ‘Your Activity’ section in your setting helps you track your past likes, comments, tags and reviews. It also allows you to see the content you’ve posted, deleted or archived. 

  1. Hide, Delete or Turn Off Comments & Likes

You can now have total control of your posts with these features. You can hide or delete comments you don’t want and turn on or off your Likes on individual posts. 

  1. Clear your Instagram Search History 

We’re all prone to searching for various things throughout our time on Instagram, to declutter your searches you can click ‘clear all’ and start anew. 

  1. Quick Replies  

Quick replies are pre-written responses that save the time it takes to type out the same message for multiple people. This feature is especially useful for businesses or for creators with a larger following. 

  1. Favorited Accounts

You can now add accounts to your Favourites and curate a feed that is full of content you actually want to see. 

Instagram Features to Enhance Posts

  1. Filters and Editing Options

Instagram provides a wide array of filters and editing tools that allow creators to enhance their photos and videos. From adjusting brightness and contrast to applying artistic filters, these tools help you create visually appealing content that stands out.

  1. Hashtags and Tagging

Effective use of hashtags and tagging can dramatically increase your content’s reach. By using relevant hashtags, you can make your posts discoverable to a broader audience. Tagging other users and brands can also foster collaboration and increase engagement.

  1. Geotagging

Adding a location to your posts can increase their visibility among local audiences. Geotagging is particularly useful for creators who want to reach people in specific areas or highlight where their content was created.

  1. Story Stickers and Polls

Instagram Stories offer a variety of stickers and interactive elements, such as polls, questions, and quizzes. These features encourage your audience to engage with your content, providing valuable feedback and increasing your story views.

  1. Reels and IGTV

In addition to photos and short videos, Instagram supports longer-form content through IGTV. Creators can use IGTV to share detailed tutorials, interviews, and other in-depth content, while Reels are perfect for quick, engaging clips.

Instagram Features to Enhance Privacy

  1. Restricting Users

Instagram allows you to restrict users who may be causing issues on your profile. Restricted users can still comment on your posts, but their comments will only be visible to them unless you approve them. This feature helps maintain a positive community environment.

  1. Muting Accounts

Muting accounts is a subtle way to avoid seeing posts from certain users without unfollowing them. This feature is particularly useful for creators who want to maintain professional relationships without being overwhelmed by content that doesn’t interest them.

Instagram Features for Monetization

  1. Go Live and Get Paid with Badges

Going live on Instagram is an excellent way to engage with your audience in real-time. With the addition of badges, followers can support you financially during your live sessions, providing a direct revenue stream.

  1. Open Your Shop on Instagram

Instagram Shops allow creators to showcase and sell products directly on the platform. By setting up a shop, you can offer your audience an integrated shopping experience, making it easier for them to purchase your products without leaving Instagram.

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Instagram’s ever-evolving suite of features provides creators with endless possibilities to enhance their content, engage with their audience, and monetize their efforts. Whether you’re just starting or looking to take your Instagram game to the next level, these features offer the tools you need to succeed. Stay updated with Instagram’s latest offerings and experiment with different features to find what works best for you and your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are the requirements for Instagram influencers?

There aren’t any set requirements to be an influencer! You just have to be creative, consistent and passionate about the content you’re making while also creating a niche for yourself in the market. 

What is the new feature on Instagram 2024?

There are a number of new features Instagram has added to their platform recently. Namely, the Notes feature, as well as Comments Section Polls, Broadcast Channels and much more. 

Are Instagram’s editing options enough to enhance my photos and videos?

Yes, Instagram’s editing options are quite robust and can significantly enhance your photos and videos with features like filters, brightness, contrast, saturation adjustments, and more. However, for more advanced editing, you might want to use dedicated photo and video editing software.