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Iconic Musical Logos

Music is a universal language that transcends borders and connects people across cultures. In India, music holds a special place in the hearts of its citizens, and many brands have recognized its power to create a lasting impression. These iconic Indian brand musical logos combine catchy tunes and captivating visuals to leave an indelible mark on consumers’ minds. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most iconic musical logos that have become synonymous with their respective brands.


As India’s national broadcaster, Doordarshan has been an integral part of millions of households since its inception in 1959. Its musical logo, composed by the legendary Pandit Ravi Shankar, is etched in the memories of generations. The melody is an uplifting blend of traditional Indian classical music with a modern touch, representing the diversity and unity of India. The logo’s simplicity and emotive power have made it one of the most recognizable and cherished musical signatures in the country. 


“ting-ting-ting-ta-ding” – that’s the iconic jingle that accompanies Britannia’s logo. This leading Indian brand, known for its delectable biscuits, hit the right notes when it created this musical logo. The jingle is fun, catchy, and reflects the brand’s vision of spreading joy and happiness through its products. Whenever the jingle plays on TV or radio, it instantly evokes a sense of nostalgia and urges people to reach for their favourite Britannia biscuit. 


Amul, the dairy cooperative that revolutionised India’s milk industry, boasts one of the most successful and beloved ad campaigns in the country. Its iconic musical logo, “Amul – the Taste of India,” is sung in a simple and catchy tune that emphasises the brand’s connection to Indian culture and tradition. This musical gem has been adapted into various regional languages, further strengthening the brand’s regional appeal and national presence. 


Remember the adorable pug following a young girl everywhere to connect her with her loved ones? This heartwarming ad campaign launched by Vodafone (formerly Hutch) struck a chord with the Indian audience. The musical jingle, “You and I in this beautiful world,” seamlessly complements the visuals and imparts a sense of warmth and reliability associated with the brand. The jingle’s simplicity and relatability made it an instant hit and played a pivotal role in establishing Vodafone as a leading telecom brand in India.


Airtel, India’s leading telecommunications company, created a musical logo that has become synonymous with connectivity and communication. Composed by the musical maestro A.R. Rahman, the jingle “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai” not only captured the essence of friendship but also conveyed the importance of staying connected. The catchy tune and meaningful lyrics made this jingle a social phenomenon, and it still lingers in the minds of many.

Music has the extraordinary ability to evoke emotions and trigger memories. These iconic Indian brand musical logos have successfully harnessed the power of music to leave a lasting impact on consumers. From the patriotic tunes of Doordarshan to the heartwarming jingles of Amul and Britannia, these musical logos have become an integral part of Indian culture. As these brands continue to innovate and evolve, one thing is certain – their musical logos will continue to resonate with audiences and stand the test of time. So, the next time you hear one of these jingles, let yourself be carried away by the nostalgic wave of melodies and relive the memories they represent.

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