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Hoopr & Universal Music India Present ‘Retro Reimagined’

Retro Reimagined

Hoopr along with Universal Music Group India launched an online contest called ‘Retro Reimagined’ that enables singers, producers, instrumentalists and cover artists to re-invent an iconic Bollywood hit! 

Retro Reimagined lives up to its name and urges participants to recreate their very own version of the famous Bollywood song ‘Baahon Ke Darmiyan’ from the film ‘Khamoshi: The Musical’. Artists are given full liberty to explore the depths of their creativity and come up with something completely unique and fresh. They can change up the production of the song, use it as a sample, cover it, make an instrumental version, do acapella, the possibilities are endless! The contest allows independent artists to unlock a new avenue of income by recreating Bollywood music without having to worry about getting into copyright issues by major labels. 

Derivatives submitted for the contest will be judged by Hoopr and Universal Music India. Not only do artists get the opportunity to explore their creativity but also the chance to have their songs heard by industry professionals and label executives. The winner of the contest stands a chance to win a cash prize worth rupees 1 Lakh! There will also be runner-ups who will win 30,000 and 10,000 rupees respectively. It’s an amazing opportunity for independent artists to unlock a new form of income. 

Retro Reimagined is Hoopr’s effort to revive iconic Bollywood hits but with a modern twist whilst also providing a new platform for artists to showcase their talent. The goal of this contest and other contests hosted by Hoopr, is to empower indie musicians and give them opportunities that help further their careers. 

Participate in Retro Reimagined Now!

The contest is live now on contests.hoopr.ai! You can find all the necessary details on the contest page or on Hoopr’s official Instagram. Create your unique and innovative derivative of ‘Baahon Ke Darmiyan’ and blow our judges away! The deadline for submissions is the 18th of December, so hurry up, register and submit your entry! Keep an eye out for updates, results and more.