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Handpicked Playlists of the Month: August 2023

At Hoopr, our library is constantly expanding and that can make it a bit intimidating to choose the music that’s most perfect for you. So we’re here to make it super easy for you! Here’s our curated list of handpicked playlists for the month of August. Get inspired by these fresh and trendy sounds and start creating now!

Here are our handpicked playlists for the month of August:

Funky Pop – find funky, groovy and upbeat Disco-Funk and Synth-Pop tracks that are sure to liven up your content. Creators, unleash your creativity with this dynamic mix of Funky Pop tunes. Whether you’re crafting lively vlogs, energetic commercials, or upbeat social media content, these tracks will add a touch of funk and joy to your projects.

POV: You Are In Love – immerse your audience in the magic of love by using this playlist to set the mood for your content. Whether you’re crafting a romantic short film, a dreamy wedding montage, a heartfelt vlog, or a touching advertisement, the romantic Bollywood melodies in this playlist will evoke a spectrum of emotions in your viewers. These songs are ideal for depicting moments of tenderness, passion, longing, and devotion, making them a powerful tool to connect with your audience on a deeply emotional level.

Current Mood: Sad –  add these melancholic tunes into your podcast episodes or audio-based projects, creating an intimate ambiance that resonates with listeners and instils a sense of empathy. Additionally, for artists and musicians, drawing inspiration from the emotional palette of this playlist can lead to the creation of soulful and heartfelt compositions. Check out Current Mood: Sad for some soulful tracks.

Travel Beats – let the ‘Travel Beats‘ playlist be your creative compass as you bring your audience along on virtual expeditions. Whether you’re producing travel vlogs, documentary films, or adventure-themed content, the versatile genres in this playlist provide an immersive backdrop that complements a wide array of visuals. From uplifting and rhythmic world music that captures the essence of different cultures to ambient tunes that evoke the serenity of exotic destinations, this playlist allows you to curate a sensory experience for your viewers.

I Feel Good – From energetic and catchy pop songs to upbeat and groovy tracks from funk, reggae, or even electronic genres, this playlist offers a versatile and dynamic soundtrack for a wide range of creative projects. Incorporate these joyous melodies into your vlogs, travel videos, or lifestyle content to set a lively and vibrant atmosphere, engaging your audience and leaving them with a smile. For creators working on advertisements, product promotions, or brand content, the playlist serves as an ideal companion to communicate the joy and satisfaction associated with your offerings.