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Handpicked Playlists of the Month: June 2024

Handpicked Playlists of the Month: June 2024

We’re already mid-way into the year, isn’t that crazy? Time flies when you’re making amazing content and listening to fresh, carefully curated playlists! By now you know that Hoopr’s got your back when it comes to providing you with premium, copyright-free Indian music. So let’s take a look at Handpicked Playlists of the Month: June 2024 to get your creative juices flowing. Discover tracks across multiple genres, themes and moods, all made just for you! 

Here are our Handpicked Playlists for June 2024: 

Smoothly Chopped

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or beginner home cook, “Smoothly Chopped” provides you with the soundtrack you need to feel like a culinary pro! This playlist blends traditional rhythms with contemporary beats, creating a feast that perfectly complements cooking videos, food reviews, and kitchen adventures. This playlist provides the perfect backdrop to enhance the sensory experience for your viewers. Infuse your videos with the soul of Indian music, making every chop, sizzle, and stir resonate with authenticity. 

Ghostly Tunes

Introducing “Ghostly Tunes,” the ultimate horror-themed playlist designed to infuse your content with spine-chilling ambiance and eerie soundscapes. Curated with meticulous attention to detail, this playlist features a haunting collection of tracks that range from subtle, unsettling melodies to intense, heart-pounding compositions. Perfect for creators looking to enhance their horror narratives, gameplay streams, or Halloween specials, “Ghostly Tunes” promises to elevate your videos with an atmosphere of suspense and dread. Whether you’re crafting a terrifying tale or setting the scene for a ghostly encounter, these tracks will ensure your audience is on the edge of their seats. 

Wedding Scenes

Celebrate Shaadi season with “Wedding Scenes,” a vibrant playlist brimming with upbeat, dancey tracks, crafted to infuse your content with the joy and energy of a grand celebration. This playlist captures the essence of Indian weddings, featuring a lively mix of traditional tunes and modern beats that evoke the spirit of love, dance, and festivity. Whether you’re documenting a stunning bridal entry, highlighting colourful ceremonies, or simply sharing the excitement of the big day, these tracks will ensure your audience feels the magic and merriment of an Indian wedding. 

Eid Mubarak

This Eid, bring the festival to life with our “Eid Mubarak” playlist! These carefully curated tracks feature soul-stirring tracks that blend the profound mysticism of Sufi traditions with joyful rhythms, perfect for capturing the essence of Eid celebrations. Whether you’re creating heartfelt holiday greetings, sharing family festivities, or documenting the beauty of Eid traditions, this playlist provides the ideal musical backdrop to enrich your content. Each track resonates with spiritual depth and celebratory energy, ensuring your audience feels the warmth, unity, and joy of this special occasion. 


Looking for the perfect Devotional music for your prayer time? Look no further than our “Aarti/Stotram” playlist! This carefully curated collection features a blend of traditional aartis and stotrams, capturing the devotional fervour and sacred melodies that resonate in temples and homes across India. Perfect for videos focused on spiritual journeys, cultural rituals, or moments of reflection, these Aartis offer a harmonious backdrop that enhances the depth and authenticity of your content. Whether you’re documenting a festival, sharing spiritual teachings, or creating a meditative atmosphere, these tracks will elevate your videos, connecting your audience to the rich tapestry of Indian devotional practices. 

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