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Guide to Using Hoopr

Hoopr is every creator’s best friend! We provide a wide range of copyright-safe music and SFX for all your audio needs. Now, it’s important to get to know your best friend and we’re here to help with that. Below you’ll find the best and most time efficient way to use Hoopr and get what you’re looking for. 

Discover Page

Your very introduction to Hoopr and also your one stop shop for everything new and trending on the platform. From featured playlists to the most popular SFX, it’s got everything you need. The discover page allows you to explore all the different categories of music we are showcasing. 

Music Page

The music page is your ideal partner to find music to fit your content. Along with a search bar that makes your hunt easier, we have 5 different filters that are designed to make your search more specific and less time consuming. Be it instrumental or vocal, the music page is the best place to find it all. 

Sound Effects Page

This page allows you to enter the world of SFX and explore our vast variety of sound effects. From trains to buses and whooshes and transitions, we’ve got it all. All our SFX are neatly packaged in categorised playlists to make it super easy for creators, filmmakers and podcasters to find what they need. 

Use-cases Page

Use-cases are essentially different categories and themes that make it more efficient to label our music and more easily discoverable for our creators. You can find various categories here such as, cooking, reels/shorts cinematic and more! We’ve got multiple playlists in each category so that you can find the music that fits you best. 

Moods Page

For an even more specific sort of discoverability, we have the moods page. If you’re looking for a specific track in a particular mood, this is the place to look. From over 40 moods to choose from, we are certain you’ll find what you need! 

Genres Page

If you know what you want and are determined to find it, the genres page is the place for you. With 22 genres and over 150 sub-genres, we are sure to have what you’re looking for. The genres page is also a good space for you to explore and discover your tastes!

Hoopr – The Leading Provider of Copyright Safe Music:

Hoopr is equipped with a vast music library, are you? Your awesome content deserves equally awesome music! A track isn’t something that plays in the background, it enhances your content and makes it more well rounded. 

Hoopr offers you 5,000+ tracks and SFX for all your music needs. You reach your community through familiar music and still stand out. Stock music is a buzz kill, but ours isn’t! We got hundreds of tracks across a huge list of genres, moods and use cases. The tracks are personalised to your audience’s taste and fit just right. In fact, we are yet to reveal the most fun part of this offer!

You can avoid all the copyright issues with tracks that are copyright-safe. So, content creators, you can now leave your worries behind and subscribe to Hoopr today!