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February Content Calendar

Were you talking about love and not about February? How could that ever be? This February, step up your game with a variety of content that outshines your tribe and focuses on growth and prosperity with your brand.

1st February- Union Budget 2023-24

Most people do not bother watching the live stream of the Union Budget presentation. Create content with educational pointers and help them catch up!

Check out our ‘Finance Daily‘ playlist for all your educational videos!

4th February – World Cancer Day

We celebrate World Cancer Day on the 4th of February every year to make people more aware of cancer and ways to cure it. Create content that empowers call-to-action and promotes a cause that affects all of us personally.

Use our ‘Third Eye Chakra‘ playlist to add a bit of calm to your day.

February 11th – International Day of Women and Girls in science.

On February 11th, we recognize the role of women and girls in science as agents of change. The day promotes achievements of equal access and participation in science for women. Leverage content to promote the day and make more people aware of it.

Celebrate girl-power with ‘Supergirl‘ an incredibly inspiring track!

February 13th – World Radio Day.

We celebrate World Radio Day on February 13th every year to raise awareness about the importance of Radio. It has been a primary source of information for us, and for many countries, it still is. Use your content to spread awareness about the day while we choose our favorite songs for the next radio show!

Soundtrack your content with the soothing beats of the ‘Handpicked for Podcasts‘ playlist!

February 7th-14th – Valentine’s Week

We celebrate Valentine’s Week as the Week of romantic love. People present their partners with gifts, flowers, letters, etc., to celebrate love, romance, and companionship. Make some content that talks about love over the years.

Celebrate with your beloved and use our ‘Romantic Shaamein‘ playlist!

February 21st – International Mother Language Day.

We celebrate International Mother Language Day annually on February 21st. The day promotes the diversity of languages and their variety. Make a content series in your mother language for the day. And in case you feel passionate about it, start a new channel instead.