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December Content Calendar

A blast for the last!



Last month of 2022 is here, and we are here with our content calendar to give your creativity the boost it needs. December is a month of warm cups of coffee, Christmas, cozying up and enjoying the weather. It is your chance to show your viewers how to fully enjoy 2022 to the fullest for the last time!



December 4 & 7 – Indian Navy Day & Indian Armed Forces Flag Day


Time to appreciate our armed forces. Do a deep dive into the history and heritage of our armed forces. Vlog the exhibitions and activities our armed forces do around this time. Respect the soldiers that work hard to protect our nation by doing an interview with them. 



December 11 – International Mountain Day


Do a hiking vlog, documenting the local mountain hike trails and highlight their similarities with some famous international hiking trails. Alternatively, do an educational series to raise awareness about the flora and fauna in the mountain ecosystem.  




December 13 – Ice-cream Day


A reason to have ice-cream is the best!! Go on a tour, telling your favourite places to get ice-cream, kulfi, frozen yoghurt, etc. Throw an ice-cream sundae party! Where people make their own sundaes, choosing from an array of flavours, toppings and cone shapes! Make it with your friends and unveil every friend’s creations and have fun!




December 18 to 26 – Hanukkah 


The jewish festival of light is here! So are our content ideas for it! Do a documentary capturing the celebration of Hanukkah in India. Visit Kolkata and interview the jewish communities and experience their rich culture first hand, or simply do an educational video explaining the significance of the festival.




December 19 – Goa Liberation Day


On this day, go on a heritage tour visiting all the Churches and Forts that were built by Portuguese in Goa. Go on a culinary tour and explain the Portuguese influence on food, highlight the dishes to try out and where to try them out!




December 22 – National Mathematics Day


We may not have liked the subjects as kids but…..we can still celebrate it! Recall some funny maths class related memories, go around with advanced maths questions and see if they can solve it or test your mental maths skills with friends! Have fun with maths! 



You can also do a video about the life of mathematicians like Srinivasa Ramanujan, Aryabhatta and Bhaskara!



December 23 – Kissan Diwan



Time to celebrate the farmers of our nation! Make a short film on their lives, visit an agricultural science institution and educate your viewers on the latest technology and methods of farming. Alternatively, spend a day on the farm doing farm work!  




December 24 – Christmas Eve


Christmas is a day away, but this day is another reason to make content! Vlog the preparations people are doing to celebrate christmas, livestream your gift shopping spree and do a haul review video later on. Go church-hopping showing all the beautifully decorated churches in your locality.



December 25 – Christmas 


Christmas is here, Bringing good cheer! Tie up with an NGO and set out giving gifts to under-privileged children. Christmas is all about celebrating warmth, why not share your delicious Hot Chocolate recipe? Or do a travel vlog document how Christmas is celebrated in different countries!




December 31 – New Years Eve 


Time to Party!!!! Make a listicle highlighting all the amazing party ideas your viewers can try. From crazy themes to fun games to wacky food recipes. Do a collaboration with other creators of making a vision board or list of resolutions for next year! Or go to a New Years Eve Party and enjoy!



The year might have ended, but your zeal to create content shouldn’t!! 



Wishing you all a great year ahead and don’t forget to tag us if you go ahead with some of our ideas, we would love to feature you on our feed! Until next year!