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Best Microphones for Podcasting: A Shortlist

Best Microphones for Podcasting

As an aspiring pocaster, choosing a good podcast microphone  can make all the difference. From capturing the nuances of your voice to delivering crisp audio to your audience, selecting the right microphone is crucial. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster looking to upgrade your setup or a beginner just starting out, navigating the myriad of options can be overwhelming. Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of the best microphones for podcasting, covering both high-quality options and those perfect for beginners. 

Best Microphones for Podcasting: 

  1. Shure SM7B: Renowned for its versatility and stellar sound quality, the Shure SM7B is a favourite among podcasters, radio hosts, and musicians alike. Its dynamic cardioid design excels at capturing clear vocals while minimising background noise. With built-in air suspension shock isolation and advanced electromagnetic shielding, this microphone ensures professional-grade audio without interference. 
  2. Rode PodMic: Offering broadcast-quality sound at an affordable price point, the Rode PodMic is a standout choice for podcasters seeking exceptional performance without breaking the bank. Its dynamic cardioid capsule delivers rich, warm tones with excellent clarity, making it ideal for spoken word content. The robust, all-metal construction ensures durability, while integrated pop filter and internal shock mounting minimise plosives and handling noise. 
  3. Audio-Technica AT2035: Engineered for studio-quality recording, the Audio-Technica AT2035 combines affordability with outstanding performance. Featuring a large diaphragm condenser capsule, this microphone captures every detail of your voice with remarkable clarity and warmth. Its cardioid polar pattern effectively isolates your voice from ambient noise, making it perfect for podcasting in any environment. Additionally, the included shock mount reduces vibrations and handling noise for pristine audio output. 

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Best Podcast Mics for Beginners: 

Here’s a few of our favourite podcast mics for beginners – 

  1. Blue Yeti: Widely regarded as one of the best microphones for beginners, the Blue Yeti offers plug-and-play simplicity combined with impressive audio quality. With multiple pickup patterns including cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo, it accommodates various recording scenarios with ease. The built-in headphone output allows for real-time monitoring, while the adjustable gain control ensures optimal sound levels without distortion. 
  2. Samson Q2U: Perfect for podcasting newcomers, the Samson Q2U delivers professional results at an entry-level price. Equipped with both USB and XLR connections, it offers versatility for direct connection to a computer or interface. The dynamic cardioid capsule excels at capturing clear vocals while minimising background noise, making it ideal for podcasting in less-than-ideal acoustic environments. Additionally, the bundled accessories including a desktop stand, windscreen, and XLR cable provide everything you need to start recording right away. 
  3. Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB: Combining USB and XLR connectivity with exceptional sound quality, the Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB is a popular choice among beginner podcasters. Its dynamic cardioid capsule ensures clear, articulate vocals while minimising background noise and room ambiance. The microphone’s rugged construction and included tripod desk stand make it perfect for on-the-go recording, while the integrated headphone jack allows for direct monitoring of your audio. 

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Whether you’re striving for studio-quality recordings or just dipping your toes into the world of microphones for podcasting, choosing the right one is essential. From high-end options designed to elevate your audio to beginner-friendly models tailored for ease of use, there’s a microphone out there to suit every need and budget. Consider factors such as sound quality, connectivity options, and included features when making your decision. With the right microphone in hand, you’ll be well-equipped to captivate your audience with compelling content and premium music for your podcasts. Happy podcasting!